Huge Minecraft art

I wish that I could claim that this was mine but I can’t :smiley:

Now, who wants to do this in Oort?! :wink:


I wouldn’t even do that in MC xD

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I’m certainly not crazy enough to try!

I’ve found a link to the actual map -

Wow that is some dedication!

Like I allready said at FB: …

Next Challange: Do the same in survival mode. Creepers gonna’ creep! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

… I have respect for the discipline the guy had to have to build that pic, but for myself I only do stuff when not in creative mode in MC, cuz I then also could play with lego (of which I have 3 giant boxes full of :wink: )


I wouldn’t do that by hand^^ I would write a programm for a turtle (survival) or a filter thingy.
That’s 10 times more fun for me^^

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