Hunt addition Idea

I would Like to see added a kind of Leaderboard for each hunt at the start
and there you could see Top damage , Healer contribition or other objective And there would be bonus attributed for that points or any other kind of rewards
would encourage people to push how they play to get better at the end of the Hunt reward or Points are added trought exchange Lootbox automaticly and sorry for my english i speak french as primary (canada) :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this idea as long as only the top few people are recognized individually. Anyone under the top 3 or 5 or something should get a participation thing. There should That would help prevent toxicity from people being able to know the full rank or score of individuals to kick them out of future hunts.

While our community is better than that right now, adding tools that facilitate toxicity would likely increase the chances of a toxic person deciding to stick with the game.


I had a similar thought recently, except I just want to be able to “group” with friends. Like in other MMO’s, where I could now see my groups HP/Stamina and buffs/debuffs in a corner of my screen. Without grouping, I think a leader board may be a bit tough to implement, but I’m no programmer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeh Rydralain not meaning a big reward just enought so player get more active and those who running alts just to collect would get less rewarded with an afk character know what I mean? Because new player who participated enought won’t get punished at all leaderboard maybe just for fun people just love stats , prestige

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I do like the idea, be great to reward those a little more that participate but I do agree with what Rydralain says though about the leaderboards. It’ll likely get used to kick out of hunts and it shouldn’t be like that. I personally would think it’s great but a few bad apples could spoil what it’s actually intended for unfortunately.
But yeah definitely the rewards on meteors would be great to be tweaked a little.


Ok, what about a compromise…

I like the idea of being able to track my own progress. So maybe not a group wide leader board, but a way to track personal stats over a set period of time (like the hunt duration). The damage and healing done are shown as they happen, but so far as I know, I can’t see a combat log in full on ps4. Nor do I believe it shows a total value, so I’d have to manually add each even if I could…

I bet since the info is technically there, a mod for PC could be made, but something for console would be groovy :metal:

Then if people choose to share their stats at the end, it would be up to them…