Hunt Chart


Made a chart to share. Much like many others but more simple. Save it with the rest if you would like.


That will be helpful, since I tend to select the planet we hunt on right at the last second.
I had made this to save me a heap of time figuring out which protections are needed, but I beli3ve yours has all the required info at a glance. Thank you.

Lush, Toxic and Corrosive = Caustic
Metal, Shock and Chill = Potent
Coal, Blast and Burn = Volatile
T4 = 1 point
T5 = 3 points
T6 = 4 points
T7 = 5 points


Perfect! You’re the best! Thank you Orrian!


Wait a sec…hold up…one min!

Did Orrian just say topaz is best bow for beservona? Lmao! Never thought I’d see the day!


read the fine print :wink:


…I refuse! No taksie backsies!


Any other charts someone would like made?