Hunt notifications down?

V1 gives all details on everything, but V2 you have separate endpoints for the finer details. So V1 will be better if you just want everything and V2 is better if you can just do drill-down requests.

Note that that API is unofficial, and most of the planet data is gathered via an interceptor program a few people have set up.

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I know, it’s an intermediate API, but we do what we can with what we have at our disposal.

Eventually, hopefully, @james will give us attention and hopefully will have full access as well.

Time will tell…

I’m giving these details because it is important to understand that this data is not up to date, and comes from intercepting JSON data sent to the client rather than through actual API requests. There is a beacon API and a shopping API that Boundlexx does intermediate, but the planet data is not from that.

So I have the replacement bot actually registered and replying to my ping now… step one achieved lol.

I do plan to at least try to bring in the same basic functionality as the original hunt bot with some changes and different command structure (so it won’t conflict with Protector Venari if he returns). Once I get it further developed I will create a thread in the Modding section so any future development and suggestions won’t be here in general.

I planned on just a simple starter version will have these requirements after you register the bot to your server:

  1. Watches a specific channel you give permissions to and if it sees "!hunt " it would take that and message all the other servers it is in.

*** Note I assume we should have some permission check so that only certain people that have the role can post it or are we ok to just start with anyone can do it?

  1. Do people prefer to just have a general bot message to the channel you set or is “pinging a specific” role of users the preferred solution for short term?

  2. Is there anything else critical that I am missing or things people really want to see in gen 1 versus gen 2. I plan on actively adding stuff over next few weeks to get to a gen 2 but I figured I’d ask.

Another side note: I don’t have Boundless discord access so I’m not sure how we will get it there right now. Also, I’ve written a fully functional Twitter, Facebook bot, and other api stuff like GitHub actions and AWS/Azure automation, so this isn’t completely new at all for me. The main issue that will make this take a bit is learning the Discord API results and what features they have in it versus other API solutions I’ve done. I just need some time to see what is possible.


If you want any features in gen 1 now is the time to ask… obviously I will be adding stuff later if it doesn’t make this version.

I’m still unsure if we will have registered groups that get pinged versus just the general channel. I’m somewhat new to node.js so I need to see if i can make progress on updating the xml that would house each of our channel data.

Either way I do have basic commands and private message ability online now. There’s even a partial easter egg for one special Boundless player.

Just as FYI for those that care, I’m about 75% through gen 1. I am currently working on registering things for each person’s server so that we can message everyone with the ability to update as needed. Then I just need to set up a help with all the commands so people know how to join the bot.


Hi… gen 1 is done. I just wasn’t able to get the darn docker image running… some stupid path issue that I’m just too tired to figure out I guess.

Hopefully it will get fixed tomorrow after work and we can move into a beta phase for those wanting to help find any other buys. Once it is officially up I will post a message in the mods section with details on how to use.

Sorry I really tried to get it up but this docker problem is just kind of confusing right now on why i can’t install the packages.json or find the discord libraries.

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Is it a fork of the original one? If so I may be able to contribute as I started to upgrade the existing one to .NET 6 and newer Discord API’s. Paused that because there was a message that the original one was being revived already.

This is a ground up rewrite using the latest Node.JS and Discord.js framework. Beyond maybe a curious look at one or two ways the original worked this was designed from scratch. It does have same functionality and I do hope to improve with more features.

The docker issue is likely because i’m trying to mix docker-compose.yml and a Docker file. It will be up for beta testing and bug evaluation tonight even if I just have to run it manually in a container that I ssh into.

I expect there are some other bugs or changes that will need to be worked on so I can always tweak things with the final “server” it runs on. Plus I still need to finish writing the “role ping” notification option. I also need to clean up some code because it got a bit messy with a last few features as well as make a process to back up the registered server information so there is a way to restore if something happens.

Do note for the beta period the file holding information should be fine but people might have to register again when we move out of the beta phase if absolutely needed. I’m gonna try not to have that happen, though.

They are supposed to work together. If you message me some of your details, I might be able to help.

FYI… bot has been posted for beta testing : Boundless Bot - Hunts and more!

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