Hunt notifications down?

Has anyone seen hunt notifications lately? I haven’t since 3/27 for the 6pm CET T6 hunt from GTG. Did the bot die or is it something on my side?

I saw someone make a hunt post on here a few days ago saying the bot is down.

I am not sure who was managing the bot anymore… maybe someone can ping them. @Simoyd are you still running it?

Yes bot is Not working all my pings didn t worked…

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Is it down for good? I don’t know if Simoyd is around at all anymore… anyone ping him?

Maybe he’s available on Discord? If he is around still, It’s probably not on the forums… Last seen: May 27, '21 :grimacing:

I believe the code for it is available, so someone might be able to spin up a new bot. If nothing comes up about this in the next week or two, I’ll see if I can figure it out. I’m not really set up to work with C#, and have no experience with Discord bots, but I can probably arrange it if needed.

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No experience with Discord bots, but I have with C#. Might be able to support.
Where can we find that bot?

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The git repo is here:

I haven’t looked at the code to see if it’s actually complete or useful, though.

If you figure out what it needs to run and don’t want to handle that yourself, I might be able to spin up a lightsail instance or something for that to live on.

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Not worried about running it or getting it to work.
Think the issue is more with all those existing discord servers having to switch to (one of) the new bots that will pop up.

The best option is to hav Simoyd have it fixed or handed over, before every one tries to create their own. Maybe the server got restarted or ran out of diskspace etc.

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Yup, I definitely agree. That’s why I was planning to wait a while longer before looking any farther into it. I think that if like a month or so goes by with no response, we’ll want to consider this option.

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I’ve always wanted to do one as well and had some good ideas for feature upgrades but waited because it was up and we don’t know where the game is going. I’ve looked at the code but hadn’t dived into the specifics…

Did anyone ping him to restart his services? If not I will… I just don’t want to ping him if everyone else is…

@Xaldafax for planet data do we still need to have a dev API token from James?
Could try to do something in node.js in my off times.

Well they do still have API but I was an idiot and never asked for one at all… totally stupid of me. So now that we can’t get them to respond to any messages I doubt I’d be able to get one. I forget who was running Boundlexx but he was the only one I knew with an API.

Last we spoke to @Simoyd it was a work in progress to get it up and running. I’m sure it will be up and going again once he has some time to fiddle with it.

We will post in our general chat channel in the mean time, until its up and running again!


I think that will help people at least know about hunts. I just pinged him on Discord. We see how it goes… I asked him his long term plans too so we just wait and see…

Yeah, we had messaged him a few days ago.
I’m not one to keep pestering people; so if he gets it working cool! If not, well, we’ll continue posting in game, and in our discord.

For those who do not have our discord, here’s the link:

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Found this:
Seems to be working…

But don’t know if it’s the full API or part of it.

there is a v2 aswell :slight_smile:

but, v1 seems more verbose.

Yeah had seen that before but should investigate it deeper… I’ve already started a backup bot using a different language. Should be up and running very soon… Work is a bit busy this week but I’m hoping by this weekend at latest. It will be basic features but we can develop it from there with other ideas.


in case you need a QA for it, I’m open to add it to my discord as well

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