Hunt on T6 Sov today 11.07.21 6pm cet

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Hi everyone ,

At 6 pm CET so on 1 hours 30 minutes from now we start a T6 hunt.

It would be cool if we have a great attendece , i ll will lead and meetpoint is GTG underworld

More people meaning bigger Meteors and more loot for everyone !!!

Here is what you need to know

Hunt Time: 6:00PM CET in 1,5 HOURS TIME

Location: A Sovereign World

Protection Required: 4 points Potent

Best Weapons: Emerald, Amethyst & Umbriss

Hunt Type: Classic Running

Hunt Leader: Turrican2006hunter

Meeting At: GTG Underworld
Accessible By: TNT Megahub (behind T6 Network Portal), Pharao’s Network, The Future, River Towns (Arie)

Other Notes:

speak_no_evil Everyone Welcome! Track me so you know where we are heading.

speak_no_evil Need Oort or Trophies? Please consider joining the hunts, bigger the meteors, bigger the rewards for everyone. Healers in attendance!
speak_no_evil Bring a campfire & chest to empty your inventory mid hunt - otherwise you WILL leave stuff behind. WILL AUTO RECLAIM AFTER 2HRS!

speak_no_evil It’s asked that no massive damage bombs are used around the meteor except when for removing trees.

speak_no_evil If leaving the hunt early, please leave via the sanctum so there is no confusion to other players.

speak_no_evil Come join the discord for further instructions, to socialise with other hunters. For a chance to WIN prizes - join us in voice during the hunt!!

Greetings Turrican2006

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I will try to join and if I can afk if I have to do something

Thx all for coming it was a great hunt !!!

Lots of oort (340), hopper cores (48) , hopper eyes (89) and all the othe stuff in huge numbers.

Will do next hunt again on a sov and will post it here again .

Next two days i won t be there because of rl ( friday and saturday)

Till the next hunt !!!

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Edit first post

Hunt in 1 hour meetpoint as usally T3 oort speedrun
Max 20 player

Just curious, was it now a T6 or T3 hunt?

We did first T6 and then T3

Both were extreme good T6 was about 350 oort and tons of creature drops.

T3 was in 1 hour and 45 minutes
450 oort with only 6 people !!!

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Update 5 pm cet today ,!!!

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6 pm cet today