Hunt XP (Game Mechanics)

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Just curious, as I don’t wanna ‘steal’ XP … but, equally, I know that it’s basically a free for all with everyone running around and shooting, and everything … but when there’s lot of people, on a hunt … and … let’s say 5 people contribute to the death of an animal … how does that experience get divvied up?

Is it (as I suspect) worked out on something like how much damage you’ve done with any given hit?

Or is it just who lucks out and gets the kill?


there is a timer from the moment you hit a creature; if the creature dies within the set time (when your hit is “active”), you get full xp
when it dies outside that time, you get nothing

all people with “active” hits get full xp, so even 3,4 and more players can get full xp (it’s not divided)


This is, of course, brilliant!


Yup, which is a big plus… monster tagging is a thing of the past. Xp and loot are shared but individual.

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Thanks all, can mark as resolved, with @boundmore’s answer FTW!