Hey is anyone keen for a hunt on an aus planet tonight

The maintenance is happening in 30 minutes.

I’ll be keen once its back up

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Nice, are you on ps4 or pc


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Cool, ps4 as well mostly, dunno how many chars I have spread across multiple accounts lol

Lol @MrAndo, a reply must contain 10 characters, dont think @uni3k was showing off hehe.


Derp lol hehe


Haha… my 5 alts are very impressive thank you very much.

My hunter probably needs to come with a disclaimer though. Probably my least ventured part of the game. About level 30 and have solo’d a few lvl3 meteors on t3 without any dramas, but havent tried anything harder so i might be most useful as bait on higher tiers. Im sure we’ll have a good time though.

Damn real life got in the road, pm me ur psn if u like it will make it easier next time perhaps