Hunter Build. At what point do I switch from Gold Fist to Sling Bow


I’ve tried using but it’s not going to compare the fist to a bow so I’m asking here. Let’s assume my build is the following:

8/8 power
2/5 attributes
damage epic
3’s across the board on resistance/armor traits

With the option to invest into full maxed slingbow epic and slingbow mastery. I don’t have the points for charge or rapid epic.

I want to solo hunt on t5/t6 worlds.And I don’t intend to use forged weapons. Should I stick with the golden fist or go with, say Titanium slingbow? Or something else?


I personally take both. I have a gold fist in my right hand which I use to take off the biggest chunk of enemies health and then finish them off with the slingbow in my left hand. I should note that I have only been hunting on Besevrona so far and haven’t attempted the T6 worlds yet.


So like… you can’t even make fists unless you bought a “special” version of the game right?


i got myself a 29m fist. Don’t really need a slingbow. It’s preference not need. Also if you grapple a cuttle, no need to long range it.

Fist by far one shot more stuff than I ever bowed. I’m impressed with forged fist.


Digital Deluxe Edition for gold fist.

Unsure about iron fist but I want to say it is from one of the founder tiers.

You can still buy them from other players and use them though.


And to add they are really well priced (100c-150c) for how much damage they do.


I switched to forged fists recently and omg it’s crazy damage. They’re comparatively super cheap as well, I’m one shotting mobs I’d need to put 10 bolts into before.

I like it because it gives me an excuse to take grapple mastery, and I can save some slingbow points for other things, my miner/gatherer is a mix of hunter and collector so it fits in nicely to that spec.


Last time I checked, the Grapple mastery was not increasing Fist damage. I was dealing 3000ish damage with the Explorer’s Fist before five points in Grapple mastery and still the same damage with 5 points. If you check your core stats in game, Fist damage is not even on the list of tool and weapon boost stats.


I have heard of that.

I’m keeping it for now since i like the skill anyway, fingers crossed when it gets fixed that’s another good reason to use fists.


Iron are Early Access Players only


people who own deluxe etc can craft more fists and sell them (or used to be able to)


I’ve used golden fist for majority of the game. But honestly, once you start getting into the T5/T6 worlds, it become pretty annoying to fight the elemental mobs. They avoid all damage like 50% of the time. I go on hunts with groups and I see players wreck elemental mobs with their gem slingbows. I’d say make the switch when you can afford to make forged gem slingbows regularly. I’m just about to that point myself. There is a chart out there somewhere that shows which gem bow is effective vs each elemental type enemy.


There isn’t a “point” to switch either direction, being that it’s more of a preferred way to play. You can forge fist to be long range, and then those up close insane crit fist that seem to blow through any type of elements are crazy fun.

I have a hunter for bows, one for fist, and one for bombs. All are fun as heck.

I will say I found the most thrill throwing a bomb with high Knockback at mobs and watching them fly. I laugh so hard at the charging wildstocks that never get to hit me because I kite them away until they die with bombs. NOTE, bomb use in group hunts has to be done with quality aiming, because no one like to chase their loot. Use with discretion.


I carry a stack of gold fists all the time with different traits. If I am fighting groups, I just sip a decent speed brew and slip on my busy bee, high crit, high damage fists. I can take out elite wildstock before they even get ready to charge. I use a few others like one with auto harvest as well as a long range high damage build for hunting roadrunners (it is very satisfying to knock off roadrunners with fists since there is no arc to the projectile). I have considered using gem slings for each planet, but honestly the fists still get the job done nicely since only a few hits need to get through to do the job. That said, gem augments for fists or actual gem fists would be pretty cool.


Just out of interest what skills would be needed to increase the reload speed of the first. I don’t do much hunting but I’ve tended to stick with the slingbows mainly because they fire way quicker.


If I’m not Mistaken, points in grapple will help with reload times since you would have +(x) in action speed per point invested.


Thank you, I’ll have to see if I can rearrange some of my skill points at some point to give it a go :slightly_smiling_face:


I cant remember if they ever fixed it but at one point the grapple skill wasn’t working for fists


Or at the Hunters Courtyard