Hunter gear?

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So I am building a hunter/gather I wanna know what is the best slinger bows to have do they need to be forge not forge and how many different types do I need for the different planets? Cause the ones I buy are not doing much yes I do have the skills in the right places just wanna hear people best suggestions on slinger bows for a hunter

Depends where you hunt. Game has elemental system … x is strong against y etc. So basically i recon to have at least 1 of each gem bows.

I am not a hardcore hunter, but what I prefer is fists, they are a shorter range but fly straight without needing to be forged. if they are forged, then damage is good to have and probably durability or range or both. I like to have loot/attraction, it helps a lot, unless you have attraction on another tool.
so yeah.
gold fist with damage, range and loot magnet
and titanium (or gem) grapple with glow, range and speed

I basically hunt on the t4-t6

If you go to PURE loot lair they have a sign up near the giant cuttletrunk saying which bow is best for what planet. I cant remember off the top of my head. But you’re gonna want them forged for best performance.

As far as which boons…depends on the bow and your playstyle. Dmg, crit chance, crit effect, range, speed are all options for boons. There’s also multishot and weakness among others.

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