Hunter Guide

Your fist build is excellent!!! Thank you!!!

Thats my cookie cutter build, I have changed it several times. I would suggest taking the points out and giving it a try

All it takes is making one wild & crazy friend and alla sudden you’ve burned through your skill change points running through warps hopping out to a skeeeeery effing exoWHAT!?! ((oh thought it would just be a t4 it’s ok you’ll have fun i’ll revive you!)) and you’ve blown too many points to not at least see an exoworld for a split second before it keeeeels you dead dead dead (brilliant using the cloudy vision to keep you from peeking) and omg it’s wierder and skeeerier and you die and die and die and your head is smoking and spitting springs but you’re leaving with the throng at THE END with so much sparkly pocket lint but you’re almost too full of adrenaline to squeeeee yet and you breeeeeeathe so deep. I hope this isn’t a spoiler; I’ll happily edit if so. But by now if you’re around you probably know arreddy :wink:

Writing this while trying to breathe deeeeeep my way out of an anxiety attack cause by too much wheeeeeee giddy excitement from finally getting crafting skills and organisation (heh hm) or just hoarding up enough to have just stocked my three whole shops with portions of the same batch of stuffs I made (the word product is overused and in ways that creep me out after working in finance). I gave in to wanting a portal enough to overcome the dread of having to feed it and holy cow this stocking thing was sposed to take forever and be a horrible grind but it took a few minutes. Anyway THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH IN BOUNDLESS, celebrate the blue fluid!