Hunting solo?

What’s a Good Hunting planet when soloing kinda in the mood to hint but no one on at this time lol

I have been very confortable in Delta Cancret… but I have been thinking about any L4 exo as a good experience. Have you hunt “solo” in an exo?

Uhm don’t know actually i am on on lamblis and about 3 have come down already around me​:wink: not sure if they are still active as im hanging on the forum for a little while now whit boundless running :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Delta or merika is what I use

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I’ll go with you if you want company

Cause I’m hunting on Bese Alone but kurious if there are other solo hunters out there when no hunt groups are active lol

Eh, do t the mods debuff armor on that planet?

Mods O.o no idea just relized squishy I am lol

You mean you wanna go YOLO hunting.
I brief you with this.
Best thing is to get supabow2k and some speedbrews… then you go to da planet wich has mighty creatures
… then you do barre roll and collect da lootterna in da baggerna.
You only hunt roadrunners and those ball looking electrodes some call them hoppers.

Cause you get da moneyz back in heartbeat.
Remember to at least die 5 times during your hunting session otherwise its not YOLOproved

And thats how you YOLO hunt.


Yea I got bored on t4 planets started hunting solo on shedu hunting with umbris bow i died 4-5 times but had revived brews so works out I got alot of oort With meteors and it was a challenge but fun (^-^)

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I can usually do around 200-250 oort in an hour or two solo on glovi but it’s kinda boring and no good creature drops… otherwise I like bessie

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Axon’s interplanetary road network on Biitula makes meteor hunting pretty easy…

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Any planet other than a emerald/amethyst world should be good since I think those are the ones where mobs give the armor debuff?

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solo hunts on lvl 3 can indeed get boring, lvl 4 a bit more interesting;

then soloing on t5 planets brings better creature drops, but it’s diminishing return in terms of looking for oort stones

that’s why I stick to lvl 3 and 4 worlds for solo oort hunts


Cephonex is pretty decent for solo hunters


@zachara and I would be keen to hunt with you. We normally try to hunt casually late night NZ time. Tend to do Bes :slight_smile:

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