Hunting? T3/4 worlds? Like right now?

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Anybody up for some lower tier hunting? Maybe on a less frequently travelled Sovereign? Don’t have the skills put in for t5+ yet. However, I’m handy with a slingbow and healing bombs!

Not feeling struck with love today? Me either, wanna go hunt down some cuttles?


A bit too late for me just right now but otherwise would be happy to join you on my hunter some time if you do more.

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I appreciate ya! I’m online most evenings, but if necessary I could log in a bit earlier.

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What’s your timezone, just so I’m aware?

Central time. Usa

FYI Twisted Dragon runs one every Wednesdat Night at 9PM EST. Vikings on Friday and Saturday nights at 9PM EST. Core runs them the other nights starting at 11PM EST. These are all T3/T4 hunts.

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I greatly prefer T3 hunting and have had fun doing duo & trio hunts – very flat worlds with few holes to fall into preferred. My t3 is nice for this :smiley:


Which is yours? I hunted Merica earlier and was fighting above and around caves constantly!

There’s a portal to it at Tigg’s Tunnels on Ceph, planet name starts with FREE

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Thanks! Which Portal Network are they most easily accessed through? I’m familiar with both Portal Seekers and to a lesser degree the TNT megahub

Our Sovereign Chromis I is a T3 and I love doing solo or small group hunts there. The main purpose of the planet is so people can farm, we do a survey every month in the forums. However we knew I would want to do solo hunts so we did our best to get flat biomes with the resources we wanted to set up farms for. You can access from TNT Mega on the Sovereign wall or PS Biitula downstairs in the Sovereign section.


I have a hunting designed sovereign called Happy Hunting Ground.
It’s T3. Accessible from Ultima Hub on Boori.
AU region so can only serve you well if your connection is ok there.

Go solo or join our small weekend hunt (there are 2-3 of us usually).
If you are interested just stay in touch as we tend to hunt Friday/Sat/Sun - most cases one of the three weekend days, but sometime 2 or even all 3 days (rarely though).


I’ve got a T3 lush set up for hunting - Leprechaun (created primarily for Gleambow but kept for hunting), portal at Paka’s Place, Gyosha (get there from TNT hub). I’ve put up like 9 platforms now and have location tokens to those on the main platform, plan to add more. Good place to solo hunt, for any who want some quick Oort.

… Actually, just visiting Paka’s Place is a good way to get a quick meteor, I set the place in the center of a region so going in usually causes a meteor or two to crash nearby!


I dont get this, did this the first time around and my platforms didnt spawn any meteors…

i moved them to the region edge and poof problem solved…

I log in and exit sanctum into my house which is in border area… meteors spawn every time… and i know where the lines are in this area…its like it only happens where i dont want it to


Yeah, I’ve noticed that it varies - I could have it wrong, but it seems from my experience that on the permanent worlds like Gyosha, meteors will spawn if you portal into a region center. But my sovereigns have been different, with both the special event (snowball and Gleambow) meteors and regular ones, they spawn occasionally on the edges but usually have to enter the region center on foot to get them. They won’t spawn if you portal/warp into a region center.

… I should have added that as a disclaimer in my post. :thinking: I’m putting up the platforms with tokens, BUT you really need to go to one then walk to another - I’m creating them very high up and using gleam on the edges so they can be seen from a long way off, to mark region centers.

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it has always been like this on permanent too - you can spawn a meteor by entering sub-region (south of, north of)

my main base is not in any region center but while i move between my storages and machines I enter edges of 2 different regions; so after logging in with a char that is in my base center that is stretched between 2 regions edges, a few minutes working around it makes me spawn 2 or even 3 meteors


I love these hunts


hey, mate

I have a surprise coming this weekend to spice it up a little and also to help possible connection problems. I will keep an eye on you when arranging our usual weekend hunt with @question00


I am currently runnin around Chromis. Did 5 meteors solo so far…
I am willing to try a dif sovereign if you wish it

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There’s usually the daily Brown Hunt in an hour that specifically does mostly T3 hunts, sometimes T4s.

Great for oort with a decent turn up rate if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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