Hunts from Turrican2006 30.05.2023 8pm CET

There won t be any regular hunts from me anymore ,

After more than 1,5 years of leading every day i ll quite from IT.

Will do Sometimes a hunt when i want to do and will announce ingame Chat.

Thx to all WHO joined my hunts .

Greetings Turrican2006


You run great hunts! I imagine it gets to be too much every day. I hope you find fun things to do instead.


Ich möchte meinen Dank für die ganze Community aussprechen, auch wenn ich selbst nicht wirklich teilnehmen konnte weil egal wo und in welcher Lage meines Lebens ich mich befinde es immer irgendwie ein ungünstiger Zeitpunkt war :weary: - hoffe ich jedoch und bleibe optimistisch dass ich zumindest hin und wieder in Zukunft deine spontanen Hunts besuchen kann :sweat_smile: Du hast eine tolle Leistung erbracht und länger als jeder andere Hunt-Leiter durchgehalten und verdienst dafür GROSSES Lob, Anerkennung und Respekt! Ich hoffe Du hast weiterhin noch viel Spaß in Boundless lieber Turri :slight_smile: Danke für deine Community Arbeit, Du bist ein sehr geschätztes Mitglied der Boundless Familie :heart:


I always appreciate the hunts you do Turri but I can imagine doing them everday (sometimes multiple in one day) can be a bit much.

Rest up.

I hope you can relax a little bit and enjoy the game.

Will always keep an eye out for your hunts as you do amazing hunts that are always great.

Take it easy Turri and wish you all the best :+1: :ok_hand: :grin:


the legend will always stay the legend @Turrican2006 more time to do other things!
you be you and do the things you like doing, much love :heart:


Leading a daily hunt sounds exhausting and I am so grateful for the hunt leaders who step up! Thank you for the hunts you have led, and hope you continue to find joy in the game or whatever you do. :slight_smile:

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As a leader who also used to lead everyday, I’m impressed! You lasted longer than me without getting exhausted! You deserve a break man, take it easy and don’t burn yourself out too quickly.


Esp. since we all know it’s like herding cats :wink:


Ty all for the Kind words , i ll Take a Break from leading every day because i have Not the possibility To-Do every day Same time at the moment because of real Life and a small Break isn t Bad at all.

If i can manage to do them regular on Same time again i ll let you all know .

Its Always fun with you all and i enjoy IT every time . I Like to do Community Things and will be Back AS Soon AS possible.

And yes its a Long Time since october 2020 every day.

I ll lead sometimes a Hunt If possible Till i can do regular again.

And Hope to See you all again then :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


We love you! Thanks!!

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Thank you Turri, for leading!
You’re a great treasure to not only GTG, but to the community as a whole!

Hunt leading is such a thankless job, that everyone wants to criticize, but never step up and lead one themselves.

My hat’s off to you, for your dedication to the hunts, and the community!

<3 <3 <3


I ll do a T6 hunt today 2022-11-06T17:00:00Z

Best Bow sapphire Emerald Rift 20 Players max will do full Run so be Well Equiped

Will Play on my old ps4 and Not in my ps5 because its Not possible…

Hope my ps4 Runs a few more years for Boundless because its from First Generation and i Don t See any ps5 Version coming which i can Play on my PS5…


I totally get it! As a former leader, I can relate. It’s nice now to hunt without the responsibility. Thank you for leading as long as you did.

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I might be possible for real this time to participate :open_mouth: my son should be asleep I think. Just be gentle on me. I’m having lack of sleep…

I ll do a T6 hunt today

Best Bow Amethyst Emerald Umbriss 20 Players max will try do full Run so be Well Equiped

Meeting Pharaos Sphinx on Finata
Greetings Turrican2006

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Best Bow Amethyst Emerald Umbriss 20 Players max will try do full Run so be Well Equiped

Meeting Pharaos Sphinx on Finata

From TNT to Pharao’s Kingdom

At Pharao’s Kingdom Go through this portal

On Finata Capital Hub Die Zuflucht ,Portal at TNT for Finata, Take this Portal


Hi turri, schreib mir mal beim nächsten mal vorher auf what’s app. Würde mitgehen…

Grüße Marcel


Zurück im Spiel? :smiley:

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Ja geht klar, bin am renovieren vll am Wochenende wieder.
Gruß Martin

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T6 Hunt 2023-02-16T20:00:00Z

Best Bow Ruby Diamond and blink
Meeting Pharao’s Sphinx on Finata which IS available from Pharao’s Kingdom, from RTG Hub Finata Main Hub