Hunts needed!

I am in need of some serious hunting. Due to a new job and other responsibilities I haven’t been able to participate in them for a while. This has led to being out of the loop where daily hunt locations and times are concerned. However, I have a couple of mostly free days coming up. SO if you have a hunt coming between now and Monday please share it here!!

Yes, I know about the hunt bot but I have noticed a few people aren’t really using that anymore. Would be great to be able to just organize a calendar of some sort that people can just put their hunt times into. Perhaps even one that automatically changes the times for us. Yes, that would be lovely.


I think oortbusters is in an hour

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Look here @Naeah if you would get out from being underground in some color storage every once in awhile and join the community…

I’m SO kidding. A calendar might be nice, but hard to keep up with.


That would be great!! I have a few hours before work today. Do you know if it is everyday at that time?

Perhaps some sort of in game calendar. One that everyone can put specific events into. But we all know how development is going. It would be nice though. As for being underground…I like it there!! Even when I am not building that I am mining somewhere xD


Thats the time for his t6 friday hunt. Think same time for his Wednesday t4 hunt.

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I’m kind of curious why people would not be using the bot. We have over 17 discord servers registered in it and it has been up for 13 days straight. It has the same basic functionality as the previous one… so It seems like deciding to not use it just limits the people attending the hunt.

As for a calendar – I had mentioned I was revamping the bot to include /slash commands. Part of that change will include more configurable options for peoples hunts to make posting a hunt even easier. Once I have that in place there was going to be the ability to save your hunt time so there could be some command that would allow people look query if a hunt was upcoming and more of a schedule type feel for those hunts that are very regular.

I assume the limited use was because we had a limited player base. I’ve helped a few set it up and have no problems helping others. People screamed for it when the old one went down and I’m kind of surprised people now refuse to use it and it is pretty perplexing why they would decide that.

Perhaps they are not aware there is a new one? Have you done the appropriate post on the forum and what not? Is TNT using it? If not I can probably get someone to put it up.

There is a thread in mods:

I haven’t been as vocal on it about where I stand with the new development because I didn’t want it to seem I was pushing the bot on everyone. I should probably update it, though, so people are aware of where the updates stand and about some of the new features.

TNT and GTG were one of the firsts to set up. They use it regularly from what I can tell as do a few others. Obviously people can use another solution if they want, but at this point not posting in it does make less people aware of a hunt if they aren’t active in discord/forum.