Boundless Bot - Hunts and more!

Here are the details on how to install and use the community bot for Boundless -

OortAdonai - A Boundless bot for hunting and other activities :

  • Production mode : Fully Released
  • Release version : 1.5.0
  • Language : Node.JS
  • API Framework : Discord.js
  • Command Prefix : Uses Slash Commands - /bb

Initial Notes :

Thank you to everyone that has been using the bot, recommending it to others, and supporting it.

The bot uses slash commands “/bb” to execute commands and does not use basic text or DM based message commands to make it inline with Discord standards. The slash commands are done via text channels in Discord and are grouped together in sections for better organization. Many commands have options that you can select after you start typing it.

Most command replies are done in a way that they are only seen by the user requesting the command. The only main and important one that is sent to a “text channel” for all to see is the global posthunt notification command (if you have the permissions set right and the hunt channel enabled).

The bot is available to whoever wants to use it and I’ll do what I can to keep it online. I want it to become the main Boundless bot everyone uses and have many features. So, if you have suggestions send them to me - there is a “reporttodev” command. :slight_smile:

Supported Commands :

  • Slash Command Prefix : /bb

  • Command List :
    /bb botinfo = Gives some server info and details regarding the bot.
    /bb ping = Replies with “Pong!” to show if bot is acceping commands.
    /bb uptime = How long the bot has been online in days/hours/minutes/seconds.
    /bb config botsetup = Instructions on how to install/configure the Boundless bot.
    /bb config checkperms = Validate Bounless bot permissions are correct in you Discord server.
    /bb config listconfig = List your Discord server’s current Boundless bot configuration.
    /bb hunt posthunt = Send global hunt notification to all Discord servers the Boundless bot is in.
    ~ Options are : Send TEST Post To You, Post To ALL Hunt Channels
    /bb hunt hunterping = This is for users in your Discord server to allow them to configure if they receive a Discord ping when a hunt notification is posted. The command has the bot add/remove them to the huntrole notification you have set up.
    ~ Options are : yes, no
    /bb hunt huntmessage : Set a saved template Hunt Leader message that will show each time you do a posthunt. You can edit it as needed during the posthunt if you want.
    ~ Options are : set/update, delete
    /bb hunt configchannel = Configure the channel where global hunt notifications are posted.
    ~ Options are : set/update, disable, delete
    /bb hunt configrole = Configure the role that recieves global hunt notification Discord pings.
    ~ Options are : set/update, disable, delete
    /bb reporttodev = Send report [feedback/problem] to the Boundless bot developer.
    ~ Options are : send feedback / suggestion, report problem / issue

  • If you have some ideas on commands or features let me know.

New Installation :

The below instruction are given by the bot if you type : /bb config botsetup

  1. If you wish to install OortAdonai (the Boundless bot) go to this link [ ] and follow the steps to install it into your Discord server.

  2. Once installed you will see that there is a role called “Boundlessbot” in your Discord Server Roles. I strongly suggest you use this role instead of trying to create a new one for the bot. Ensure that you have no other role or channel permissions that conflict or overwrite the main permissions this bot needs. The most common issue is people turning off permissions in the Everyone role or some other role the bot is assigned to that has a higher position than the bot role but less permissions. Use the config commands that help list and check your perms and bot configuration. These are “/bb config listconfig” and “/bb config checkperms”.

At this point the bot must have these top level server permissions : use application commands, create invite, view channel, send messages, embed links, manage roles, and mention everyone.

  1. Hunt Notification Channel : This is the channel where “global hunt notifications” will be posted when you or others do a “posthunt” command.
    a) Create a channel and give it whatever name you want. This will be the “main bot channel” the bot uses for global hunt notifications. It is the channel where any (from you and other servesr) hunt notifications are posted to. Take that “Boundlessbot” role and assign it to that channel.
    b) Important : Double check permissions to make sure the bot has the ability to access the channel and has at least these permissions : view channel, send messages, embed links.
    c) You can give the bot access to other channels so it can accept commands and respond, but if you do make sure it has correct permissions. Note that only the “global hunt notification” one will get hunt postings.
    d) Type “/bb hunt configchannel”, click “set”, and select the channel you just set up (the “global hunt notifications” one) so the bot knows about this channel and can send notifications to it.

  2. Hunt Role Ping : This is a feature where users in a role will receive a Discord ping (Discord mention) when a global hunt notification goes out.
    a) If you want to use this feature then create a role that will receive the hunt notifications for Discord pings. Make sure to set the role to be able to receive “mentions”.
    c) Important : Make sure that the “Boundlessbot role” is in a higher position than your “hunt notification role” so that the bot has permission to add people to that role.
    b) Type “/bb hunt configrole”, click “set”, and select the role you just set up so the bot knows which role to ping when a hunt notification comes in.

  3. Do one more validation that the bot is configured correctly in your server.
    a) Type “/bb config listconfig”.
    b) Review the response to make sure it is configured like you want.
    c) Type “/bb config checkperms”.
    d) Carefully review all permissions and make sure things are correct. If there are problems fix the issue or reach out to me for help. If permissions are not correct the bot will not function.

  4. Try a test command in the global hunt notification channel you created to ensure that the bot is working : “/bb ping” or “/bb uptime”. You should see a response from the bot.

  5. If you have ANY questions or concerns or problems please contact me here on the forum, in Discord, or by using my new report command in the bot : /bb reporttodev

Post Global Hunt Notification

  • Please read notes:
    • Currently this is a global command that will notify every server that is registered. So please respect this feature and don’t spam people.
    • The bot sends an embeded message for hunt posts. This means you will need to work a bit on formatting your hunt message if you want it to look a certain way. Also note there might be some issues with formatting because of what an embeded message allows and does not. Test and retest before using the “post to all” option.
  1. First test your hunt message so you can make sure it looks nice. Use this command “/bb hunt posthunt” and make sure you select the “Send Test” option. You will be presented with a form - fill it out (the form supports basic markdown) and hit send. The bot will post a message to only you showing what your hunt test message looks like. Make sure you have a copy of your message in a text file or something incase you need to change it.
  2. Once you have a message you like then use the following command to send an official global hunt notification to all discord servers registered. Type “/bb hunt posthunt” and select the option “Post to ALL”. Remember this sends a message to ALL discord servers the bot is in. Fill out the form (or paste in the copy from your test messages) and hit send.
  3. The bot will send a post to whatever channels are registered to see it on each Discord server.
  4. If you want “role notifications” pings (Discord mentions) you need to set up the role (use the “/bb hunt configrole” commands).
  5. If you want to save your hunt message because you use it regularly, use the “/bb hunt huntmessage” command and select the option “set/update”. Going forward when you do the posthunt commands your message will be there so you don’t have to type it in again. You may adjust the text in the window if you want to, though.


  • If you have ANY questions or concerns or problems please contact me here on the forum, in Discord, or by using the report" command in the bot : /bb reporttodev


  • If you wish to remove/uninstall the bot on your server then go into your Discord server settings, select integrations, then click the “boundlessbot” entry to manage it and at the bottom of the page click “remove integration.” The bot will leave your server and delete your guild entry in the db.

### Migration from old bot version :

  • I’ve removed all “.” based commmands from my first bot version. Make sure you update the permissions based on the notes above. Nothing from the old bot code remains.

Upcoming Improvements…

  • More commands and features in the hunt leader and hunt poster area.
  • I want to improve the bot with more features based on feedback, so send some in.

I hope you all find the bot useful and thank you for using it. Let me know your thoughts or feedback…


Honestly, Node does just fine holding the amount of data you’re talking about in memory, and just save to file as backup. I wouldn’t personally bother with a db unless you start messing with a whole lot more data, tbh. It’s not like you’re doing all that many write operations anyway, since new servers don’t register often, and you should only have to read on server start if you set it up right.

Just a reminder to verify permissions before doing a .ping test. My code isn’t checking to make sure I have permissions in a way that doesn’t crash out the bot if there is an error. So I need to fix that asap lol… I should have tested that scenario more first.

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Feature request:

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In regard to this feature request, it would also be nice if we could do something about tracking when a sov was last scanned. For example, if there was a way to tell your bot a list of planet names that we scanned so that scanner people can submit the list after we’re done.
Note that I believe the Boundlexx API does have a “last updated” timestamp, but it is my understanding that it only tracks when an entry was updated, so re-scans don’t act as a confirmation of recently validated information.

Then, your bot could optionally grab only “recently scanned” planets. It would be nice if the report included frequency and/or tier of occurrence in addition to just “not available” so that if someone is picking colors for a T1 planet, they could potentially choose to use colors only available on someone’s T6 sov.

Of course, this would probably require an actual database… :sweat_smile:


I think I can freely speak for the GTG family… THANK YOU, somebody get this guy a friggin medal!


I didn’t even notice the other bot was down, Thanks for the hard work!

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Thanks… well I know there are a few weird bugs that might cause it to go up and down for a few days. but I will get it ironed out.

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There are a few guilds signed up now and the bot is functional for actual posts… so people can start using it. I want to make sure people understand it is up and ready for use.

At this point the perms issue is likely the only thing causing a hiccup but I should have that fixed in a few days. Until then everyone is safe and welcome to use it like it is fully ready.

Also if you know any other less active guild leaders, maybe let them know they can set it up.

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Hello thank you for working with the bot
I would be very happy if you could make a video on how to install the bot because I have small difficulties in getting the bot to work. I would like a video that is very helpful LG Hugo

Where to find the Mod and how to use ? I ll lead so many hunts IT would be great to have a hunt notification again . Dies IT works over discord AS the Other did?
Greetings Turrican2006

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Why are you using the old style commands instead of slash commands?

Turrican, check the Hunt HQ channel in our discord. We have it already set up, with the list of commands in there as well!


There are instructions on the original posting of this thread. I can make a more detailed one this weekend. As for a video, I will have to look into some options on that since I don’t really do those lately and a text step by step is always easier if things change.

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Since this was my first attempt at a discord both, I admit I took a safer route because I saw in their API details that there are limits on slash commands. Additionally, I didn’t fully understand the nuances of global vs local server commands and the different types and how many we can have of each. Due to this I didn’t want to go down a path that might result in a dead end later on and require a decent code change especially since this was my first attempt. So it seemed safer and easier right now to just have a switch/case list to manage the commands for gen 1.

Most of their documentation is written in a way that it is assume the person understand everything very well. It isn’t for those still trying to grasp the intricacies. Once I can better grasp the command types with sub commands, the limits per type, and other things like if we can have a variety of “registered” commands with “non registered” commands I will likely change things up. The good news is switching over would just be a matter of remapping how a command executes. Of course then letting people know the new commands.

Once I get the perms issue and a few other possible bug or crash situations fixed then I plan to start looking into that as I do the other things I liked in the todo section. If you have Discord bot tips just let me know… :slight_smile:

Yes it is basically the same. There is a bit of a change in the commands and how they execute. Some of that will be adjusted but I just did something that worked for the first version. Obviously, if you have tips or ideas or features you’d like to see to help you, just let me know or add them here.

The “role” notification added to the channel notification should come in this weekend I hope. Real work has sucked up more time this week than expected and I’m out most of the day Saturday for family stuff.

But like Nickk said you all are good and have perms right for messages from what I saw.

Do have a question tho, as I might have missed it somewhere.

Are there plans. or thoughts on adding the ability for the user to set themselves a role to be pinged?

Similar to how the previous one was !hunter and it would set the user to the list to be notified?

Simple answer: Yes

More detailed plan: I plan to have a role that the server owner or admin can set up on their server (and update if you want to change) that will get a ping. I know I can just add that role name to the message but I was wanting to see if there are any other options in how to do it. This should happen soon because I know “channel posts” are not as helpful for notifying people.

Right now the bot has basic send/read rights. I do want to add the !hunter type command where a member of the server can run that and get added to that role. Since that will (I’m pretty sure) require more server rights, I want to do safely and see what makes sense in how I grow the bots rights inside each groups server. In my day to day job I do a lot of IT security architecture so I’m careful with this stuff. So this option will likely be after the first role ping.

I also will add that people can update the channel that gets pinged and also allow people to “remove” themselves from that role ping. I like opt in and opt out features. At the bottom of the original post is kind of a todo list…

Yeah, makes sense.

We were discussing setting up an automated role set bot, so people could just click a button and apply the @GTGHunter role that we had been currently using, and just testing adding the @mention to the hunt ping with your current bot.

But when it comes to all that stuff, I’m a novice lol

Yeah… I will definitely be adding that. If you all can wait a bit longer.