Hunting Bot

  1. Create a new role.
  2. Assign it admin permission.
  3. Assign yourself that role.
  4. Try !config hunt again.

EDIT: I see you managed to get it working, but for future reference:

Lol ok. Thank you for the help

got to this point and now I’m stuck lol anyone help?

I believe your all set. The only thing you would need from here is to be a citizen in the official discord and set your default message

It looks like the config command went through, but if the bot does not have a separate role with “manage roles” permission that is above your Hunter role, then it can’t assign your Hunter role to other people when they do the !hunter command.

So how do I do that? I’m getting confused with it all lol actually got headache because over thinking it lol


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Thank you and I think I done it

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You rock <3

When I run !hunt config I just get an nope emoji response. Any ideas?

Something to do with roles. Pretty sure there’s a post above about it

The bot does n t Work always for me too but I ve permission to Post hunts a Bit Strange IT IS .

I just literally set things up over the past few days and was able to get it working following these steps:

So I:

  1. created a channel for notifications
  2. created roles based on above notes - a) boundless-hunter with perms to see notification channel, b) boundless-bot with manage roles perm and ability to see channel.
  3. created additional “administrator” role and gave it admin perms (at bottom of list) and assigned to myself.
  4. put the administrator role at the top of my roles list AND put the bot role above the boundless-hunter role
  5. followed the rest of the instructions to get bot in channel, !listroles, and selected the right hunter role ID and ran the config command.
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Yea my hunts aren’t going up either. I wish they would because we get less people at the hunt when the announcement bot doesn’t take the hunt info and post it. Would really like to know what is going on with it @Simoyd any ideas?

FYI I figured this out @Xaldafax

You have to do the following. If !hunt is on it’s own line it won’t work

!hunt Hunt Leader: DragonTamer
Time: In 3 Hours 30 Minutes
Planet: Valhalla
Best Weapon: Diamond
Protection Required: 1 Caustic

Meet up: Twisted Dragon Hunt lodge accessible via portal at TNT Mega Hub in the sov section, Fantasy Tree next to TNT Mega Hub portal, Gyosha Mall in their sov section and DK Mall.

If you are late come through the Valhalla portal and shout!
Join Us On Discord:

Sometimes i see the hunts appear on some discords but not others, the only thing i can think is the bot is getting rate limited or its overloaded…

It would probably help if everyone remove read permissions for channels the bot doesnt need to speak in, which would help cut down on the amount of events that hit it.

Yea that for sure, but my issue was I was putting “!hunt” on it’s own line and the bot wasn’t responding :frowning:but after doing what I posted above see below it worked.

I always did this in pms to the bot and not channel it announces in so im not sure if that has anything to do with it.

It was the same result for me either way, the clincher was making sure there was text after !hunt before going to the next line.

FYI - this bot is offline now – use the new hunting bot for Boundless – Boundless Bot - Hunts and more!