Hydronia , Is it to late to start new cities within boundless?

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if ya need stuff pm me
we have some stock just in case we need it
at the arte intera guild
can even join our guild and we come help you build stuff if ya want :wink:


I have an idea for a marketplace in my settlement for when it opens, Ill draw it out later for show. :thinking:


It will be a smaller but more compact market, I wont have to worry about being plotted off.



thats not small lol
if i can give little tip
i would open up more the middle
then all shop keepers feel like there spot is central
central spots most popular in settlement
having more open corners creates more central plots
our open to middle
cant explain but it works lol

unless you make the markets walk trough no walls that helps aswell
maybe be fancy and make the corners specifiek items orientaded so its easyer for customers to find stuff
most dealers have a focus on certain items grouping them
would improve buisiness


Idk how to those voting things up but I do want a style but idk which on, so you guys can choose



click on the cogweel symbol theres a build poll option
i kinda like the style you using for your mainbuilding
i like the medevil street drawing aswell (first sample from left)
it be nice to shop and at same time see some cool builds
instead off room after room after room (guilty :slight_smile: )

  • Paris
  • English
  • Contemporary

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I use a more contemporary style on my main build


Weeeeelllllllllllll, the votes are in, but the are tied between the Paris and contemporary style, I choose Paris style because I think that it would look good. (Contemporary would’ve been very a repetitive build)


Plot twist. Do all three.


Didn’t think of that


That’s why I’m here :wink:


Oooo you have paper voxel too!!! Nice. I’m not the only one!! Yay


Hey, @IM2COOL4U001, we’re neighbours via Aquatopia Player Portal Hub!

I am building out at “Owl’s Haven” which will eventually become the “Swedish Plumber’s Society”.

I venture through your Portal often and admire what you have going on.


Your actually across the water as well from me, I’ve been busy IRL so prodjects are a bit slow at the moment…


Oh wow, I did not know I was across the water haha! Well, I am sure I will see you around!


Just an update, I have not gave up on the game Ive been busy IRL and hope to get back into the game soon, sorry for any shops that I have that are empty when I get back I’ll be sure to restock and start on my projects again. :slight_smile:


I’d like to announce that Gleam crafts tower is now finally finished, I am sorting out a road system (I need to level up to get the plots to do so) and then I will open Hydronia to any one who wishes to build a house shop or whatever comes to their mind!