Hygate - Home of the Hygard [UPDATED]

Welcome to Hygate!

Hygate is the main base of operations of the Hygard.

About Hygate

Hygate is a small, but beautiful, town located on Arie. I’ve built Hygate after I found this amazing place surrounded by giant trees to server as a social hub for people to meet and discuss all things boundless when they’re taking a brake from the daily hunting and hustling!

Hygate on Discord

You can discuss more about Hygate on the Hygard Official Discord: Hygard

Getting there

To get to Hygate you must first go to the River Towns, the current capital of the planet Arie. In River Towns, there’s a portal hub. Just walk through the Hygate portal and you’re in!

Points of Intererst

Currently Hygate is not a very popular place, but I’m planning a few things to build to give people more reasons to visit:

  • A very small market where various items would be sold depending on available stock.
  • Make the pub a functional place, e.g. selling brews and foods
  • Building a more functional portal hub (LONG TERM)

Additional Screenshots


Interesting idea using leaf blocks for the roof!

I would suggest possibly adding a gravel or brick road around the well, leading to each house’s door, but so far its looking great!

Thanks, I initially had a dirt path around the well, leading to the houses, but will probably try some white gravel or something.

I am using the same colour scheme on my place! and more or less the same technique of building. If you ever get bored or are in the mood for a vacation house. I’ll reserve a few plots for you :smiley:

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Hygate has been updated!

Hey guys, done some more work in my new town, Hygate, and just wanted to share some new screenshots. More details about Hygate in the thread’s first post:


Really like it. Also this is in one of my favourite planets! Surely i come for a visit :slight_smile:

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All about being in harmony with nature!


those wood poles. :ok_hand:

Ive always thought about creating little tree farm with those poles mimicing the trunk ^^ looks nice

how i can get there?. i alrdy checked rivertowns hub and there wasnt hygate portal :confused:

I dunno how many hubs there are, but this one is close to the big portal that goes to Ultima. There’s also a shop called Pains. Check the screenshot in the first post to see which one :grin:

roger. so its there :)! thx.

went there. Really nice place!. was actually pretty close to mine. :smiley: not so many of those biggie forest around i guess ^^

Maybe we can build a road or something in the future!

surely! im gonna expand my stuff cause i need more trees. hopping otherside of the lake :smiley:

So I have been looking for your settlement however that picture has dramatically changed of the portals.