I am not Illuminaughty 😅


So I felt it fitting enough to make a post to inform people, seen as though I get mistaken with it daily, Asked for mall spots etc.

I am not illuminaughty guild, or own the naughty Mall. That would be @ginabean (who is a good friend might I add)

But My PSN gamer tag is “illuminawtyness” I’ve had the GT for about 7 years. Freak coincidence that it was so similar to other places. Funny because the first place I’d warped when I started the game was illuminaughty on trior.

I was mind blown :exploding_head::sweat_smile:


Might want to put up a big sign at your place too. Just in case. :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, my place it called Blingz’n’Thingz, I thought that would be a big enough give away :sweat_smile:


Make sure to use extra bold 90pt fonts. :smiley:

To be fair, it’s easy to glance-read things or not spend a lot of time reading something correctly, since the brain will just guess the information and then wants to move on to doing something else.

For a long time, when I played Terraria more often, I very frequently misread “Illuminant Bat” (an enemy) as “Illuminati Bat”! :man_facepalming:


I thought you had to do with them. Thanks for the clarification :nerd_face:


Your soon Nawty Pfft Pfft Pfft hands Nawty-chan a :cookie:


Not going to lie, I knew you were two separate people, but was very confused for a while why your names were so similar. I know they also get confused with Illuminoorti too.

That’s it, one of my alts will now be called Illumi-not. I want to jump in on the bandwagon too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Isn’t this just what the illuminaughty would want us to think!? Mind control I tell you! Mind contr-o- …




Now head over to Blingz’n’Thingz and give me all of your coin.



Lol.not long after the game started my group was accused of “copying” Illuminoorti. I had to make a similar post to let people know.

I think the most awesome part is your first warp location was in our city. You’ve become a good friend in game and I’m so glad you choose us to emulate. :wink::nerd_face::+1::joy:

Keep making us look good! :star_struck:


How else am I able to TRAP everyone! :joy::joy:


Yup. Thought you were fully docked with the Illuminaughty. Lol. Who knew…


our that time a player came named moebiusextreme :joy:
i can confirm nawty is top dude :+1:


Awww, look at all the people saying such nice things about you! I should mosey over to Blingz and Thingz when you’re actually there and drop a wave!


Yep, making me blush over here :flushed::joy:

Thank you everyone for the kind words :heart:

But yeah head over and say hi, check the place out! You’re all welcome, and if there’s anything I can help anything with then let me know :v:t3:


Dawww. Why do I think this just sounds adorable and someone needs to pinch your cheeks :laughing:

People are claiming ya left and right.

I’ll stop back by sometime soon, maybe tomorrow!


lol you aren’t? all this time i assumed you were connected to the mall etc. thank you for informing us. still a cool username regardless.


I made the same assumption. Lol. Coincidence can really give you food for thought, though. What are the chances of dropping into the guild that shares almost the exact name! :thinking: Kinda cool. :grin::+1:


Neither am I!


Literally everyone makes that assumption, that’s why I felt the need to make a post :sweat_smile: I have gotten so many messages about spots in the mall. :joy: