I don't like sand[storms]

Since Tuesday or so, I’ve been experiencing almost non-stop sandstorms on my sovereign. Anyone else noticing weather hinkiness? Could this a reappearance of the weather bug? My planet does have a lot of desert but I’m hoping this is not a permanent thing as it is rough and irritating and getting absolutely everywhere.


Yeah Terra Nova (Lamblis) was completely fogged up
With the thick fog and lots of rain drops. Which is still odd as its submerged in a lava lake :wink:.

That said it does add to the build when you are on the right location(s) within the hub :grin:

[edit] not sure if it’s the bug though as i just collected FF and fill me baskets/portals (maintenance of Terra Nova and DK)

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Thick fog on a lava lake sounds pretty cool, actually!

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Yeah it is but if its the “broken” fog not sure how tho say it but depending on where you are in the hub it “glitches in/out” of view.
If its the thick fog bug the “places” where it fogs up/rains in doesn’t make sense. As it happens at full block layers (2-3 full blocks on top of each other) and not on chiseled layers.

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I just logged in and noticed fog & sand storms too. (T1 Placid Lush U.S.E. sovereign)

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Hopefully the Server Maint . coming up will fix it :slight_smile:


Have you ever tested it with a clear weather potion to see if the sandstorm is still there afterwards? I always have good weather and it’s clear, especially when building, the snow and rain are always annoying

Would be interested if the restarts just now did fix this or not, I don’t believe it’s related since the one issue we are aware of only manifests after around 3.5 months and I restarted the servers to fix that issue more recently than that.


It seems like the fog and storms are now gone. Not sure if it matters whether or not it’s day or night.


So far so good here, just seeing the normal amount of sand blowing through occasionally and not the doom storm that it was before. This thread can be closed! :slight_smile:


Closed at OP’s request.