I don't play Boundless

I don’t play Boundless because it’s really expensive in its current state. I wanted to see the planets of Boundless, but of course, I can’t. Can someone show me some screenshots of some of the most beautiful worlds?

I only have a couple of good ones. The rest were for issues I find while playing.


Also try Post Your Screenshots! and Beautiful screenshots

You can get to these and maybe more from … https://forum.playboundless.com/search?q=screenshots%20order%3Alatest




@LordTethys and you just have to wait to closer 1.0 so i think around december this have bigger community and alot more mobs then :smiley: Here my screenshot with 4K detail :3


The game is indeed beautiful. But there are many other aspects as well that make it so amazing! Two especially:

  1. The devs are super active and incredibly responsive to the player base. Seriously one of the best group of devs I have interacted with with an early access title (and I have played my fair share of them).

  2. The community is incredible! Such a great group of players. Some of the game play mechanics really incentivise cooperation among players (better meteor rates and city footfall amounts, to name a few) which definitely helps the feeling of community. Besides that, there are a lot of players that are happy to lend a helping hand whenever you need it.

Agreed, but you’re over a year late to the party :joy:

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