Post Your Screenshots!


Post your favorite sceneries here. Especially if you’re from Worlds 2 or 3 :wink:

World 1:

I don't play Boundless
Share your greatest screenshots!
Post your favorite Screenshots of statues!
Post your favorit building!
Forum Wipes?

They’re not great screenshots, but the only 2 I’ve got without going back into the game.

World 2 (Magical mountains/floating islands):

World 3 (Icey):


World 1:
We need fishing!

Anyone up for building shops etc in here?

The sky at night



From my home, under construction

Looks like the goats have get more curious to now, they jump around me all time when it is some activity.
This one after banking in the hill a while…

5 mins later…


Was building my home on the mountain and the rain started. I’m on testUS1, at -2168, -1578, in case you interested :slight_smile:
Sadly, the sun almost disappeared, it was too late to screenshot those lovely sun rays.

That’s a screenshot from a nearby lake, don’t remember the coordinates though.


Sorry I just have to add another couple of screenshots…

I now spend a lot of my time doing this…

… because of this …

Someone making a star chart? Need Help? I made a crude graph


Is that gleam??? I’ve been looking everywhere in the caves for those things :frowning:

time for some skinny dipping


It is. Lot’s of the stuff where I am on world 3



Crafted myself a grappling hook and went on an iron and fossil collection rampage :slight_smile:
I love the way music merges with climbing and watching the landscapes, truly immersive. I would do that for hours!

Then I went to a cave which have been spotted by one of the players (he gave me a location marker). Went about hundred blocks underground, found myself some resources, then noticed there was a light far away - I went to that light, used my grappling hook and BAM! I’m now on a beautiful cold lake :slight_smile:

On my road home I found a cliff wall with TONS of coal and tech fragments. Gotta dig 'em some day :slight_smile: Or you can ask me for coordinates to help me dig it and split the treasure :wink:


World 1: Got cufused for a minute with the moon passing between the two planets.


I’ve been spending my time on the US1 world, and I absolutely love it!<img <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/a/a8d43226452e2feddce7432136d680dce1572852.jpg"


These are great! Anymore?


I have a bunch from old worlds that I just figured out how to get at from steam. I’ll take some more when I can and share them!


I am really loving this sky at night!


That moment when you go to bed on a Frozen world and wake up the the DESERT :joy:


Global warming went a little faster than expected.


snagged this