I don't understand power


Hehe, yeah, sold quite a few of them to Krafter’s!!!

That and gleam lanterns (when they didn’t need glow caps) were my money makers! There was this shop on Beckon which bought any colour gleam lantern, they’ve gotten quite a few cool blue ones from me! :joy:


Psst cool blue gleam when people would buy it at 100c. Used to farm the poop outta that. First coil I bought cost me 26k ish. Crazy to think where the prices are at now.


A good group hunt usually easily provides enough coin for me to fully coil a machine. Have you tried that route?


Those lanterns went for 120 to 150 I think! Easy money!


Damn right they were full on…now you can get them under a 1k…but I sell mine at 1200. I am not willing at all go cheaper just way to much goes in making them to be any cheaper for me anyway…but I still sell them.