I don't understand power


So say I manage to build one workbench power coil. It supplies 100 power. I haven’t found any recipe that requires 100 power, or anything less than 1,000 power. To build an advanced power coil requires 1,500 power. Am I supposed to build 15 standard coils and find a way of siting them all? And even then, an advanced coil supplies only 500 power. It all seems completely unbalanced.


I think a typical max-power setup has 24 advanced coils x 300 each = 7200 power. Yeah, you’ve got to build a bunch of 'em. :smiley:

Alternatively you can find a shop selling the coils, the standard ones are “relatively” affordable.

This might help, too: https://youtu.be/o8HLEKVvRP8


Honestly advanced coils are cheap enough that you can buy them for about 1000c or a little less each. Get 5 of those and you’ll put yourself in a better position imo. But if you want to do it all yourself, yes you would need to craft 15 regular coils to get the 1500 power.

As far as sitting them, they have to be one block away from the machine either to the sides, front, back, above or below. Also you can put them diagonally from the machine


Yeah either see if someone will let you borrow their machine or trade mats for advanced power coils and skip the basic ones. Or just make some coin from request baskets and buy them for 1500ish


I Initially bought just enough of the basic ones to then enable me to mass craft my own but after getting all the materials for advanced workbench, refinery and extractor coils the rest I just ended up buying as and when I could afford them … and back then the average price was about 15k per coil, now they are so cheap it’s better to just buy them all.


I ended up buying my first set of coils. As people say, invest in advanced and its without a hassle.
If you like the challenge of making it self, then yea you need to equip your workbench with so many basic coils to get advanced, but you will need for other materials other machines with power, so it will not be only workbench, I guess also Mixer, Compactor and Refinery for the alloys…
that’s why I said to better buy it for the start, unless its a challenge you want to overcome yourself.


I grinded my first 15 normal power coils for the workbench then switched to adv ones.
The first thing you can make that is notable is at 500 power titanium tools, if I remember correctly.


I dont remember if there’s anything under 500. But first notable thing would be compact soft coal and essence from large fossils at 500 Power. And titanium tools require no power.


Huh, you are right. Maybe I do not remember things correctly, but I think when we started that they used to take 500 power.


I have some of my old regular (100 power) coils laying around I would sell you for super cheap just to get them out of my storage if you want.


Never did that I remember. I know they changed ingredients on gleam lanterns and brick but I don’t remember anything else getting changed. But I could be wrong and they could have removed power from titanium tools.



That was in EA. I’m a PS4 player for more than a year now and don’t remember it so probably changed before 1.0


It didnt, I started on release and I am confident that we had to have 500 power for titanium tools.
Its funny cause this is something I wouldnt have changed, without the 500 step there is really nothing good on the workbench below 1500 power.


Yeah they did change this as it meant you needed to get hold of gems before you could even use titanium. It’s why I mined my first 360 diamonds with iron hammers, haha


I used silver :3 and shared coils with @AeneaGames at that time so it was a bit easier for us.


Ha, still remember the overnight crafting of portal conduits with our combined workbench coils!!

And as for mining, I remember using an iron chisel to chisel half a block off of one row and and half a block of the row next to it making a 1 wide path. Iron chisels didn’t care which material it was and didn’t use up much energy either. When it wouldn’t chisel a block I knew there was something worthwhile, ores, coals or gems!

Slow going tho, now I use 3x3 speed hammers :joy:


Yea it’s easier just to buy advance power coils…


I have already forgotten how hard it was to mine without one hit aoes and super speed brews lol. ^^

Your first venture into a really profitable business as I remember lol, where highly sought after back then~


Which is what I did too! Had 500 power, wanted 1500, bought 3 advanced power coils for 8k each (!!) and crafter another regular one and I was at 1500.

From there on tho I crafted my own coils as much as possible. Now I just buy them not too worried about coin at the moment, but back then yikes! Everything was more expensive…