I found a nice cave on Xa Frant that needs a settlement

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Take a look at the picture and feel free to build here all you want. Just keep the terrain intact so the look of the falls is not messed up. You can get to it from the portal hub that the ultima network uses for Xa Frant.

Just take the portal labeled Waterfall-Cave when you are here.
You can also buy slightly discounted Exoworld items and other assorted stuff here!


Pretty scenic spot. Its not for me to build here, but i could see a cool natural build in this location.

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I’m not very good at building and I don’t play very often. I just don’t want this location to go unused. There is also a flooded cave system to the left of the entrance portal.

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you better get people there :rofl: to build I’m not paying for a portal without anything behind it :stuck_out_tongue:

I may build a shop selling some exo items there at a discount to draw people in.