I had to know

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This has been tempting me for some time now. I finally got the skills to try it…

Woohoo, it worked! Quite the view from up here

It looks like a long ways down, I wonder what would happen…

Oh…well that’s interesting…

It goes deeper…

Things got freaky down here. I was able to walk out into ‘the void’ a little ways, until my character got stuck, and kept making an animation like I was sliding on ice. Also I couldn’t see the menu when I pressed escape, and had to alt-tab to exit the program. Fortunately, when I started the game again, I was back in the center of the Sanctum

P.S. - I think you guys might need to add some invisible walls. Or at least higher/smoother physical walls :slight_smile:


Sanctum 2.0 will replace the existing sanctum. It should address the wall hopping and a few other design concerns.


Here have a parkour, you know?
When you have a skill jump bonus(jump 2m height) and with cliff clamb skill, you can start it

  1. Jump out the Sanctum(yes you can)
  2. Jump to the base floor, and try to jump into Sanctum again(yes you can)

If you can jump 3m height, it will very easy
1m height will cannot(you also cannot jump out the Sanctum)

i remember asking for them to put a stairs back up after i kept falling true the floor lol they did not :slight_smile:

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Way back in the primordial days (before the Sanctum had been created) the worlds were all incomplete toruses, with a gap between the edges. I spent countless hours (well, hundreds of hours) building a road from one edge of Eisa to the other, then I went and built a bridge across the gap. Because, well, you know, I had to.

One time, as the lag monster used its elastic bands to make my life unpleasant, I fell off the edge. I can’t remember if I died and lost everything or not, but in those days with the ‘infinite copies’ feature, it wasn’t a big issue.

Other times, as I was tunnelling my road through majestic mountains, I found I could go into third-person view and see my tunnels fro the outside as long as I was facing a corner. A very useful exploit, and one that would be nifty to earn as an ability.

Of course, tell the kids today what things were like back in the browser-based Boundless days and they won’t believe you.


It will just have lasers that shoot you and a big titan under it that will eat you and kill your character permanently… @james already confirmed this. So those breaking the Sanctum walls will forever be dead…


Can confirm, don’t go under Sanctum 2.0 or you die forever. And you alts.

I know this because I’m peaking in their windows!


Is this one of the @Illuminoorti’s many secrets? What else are they hiding???


They are not hiding anything. People just don’t ask.
Seek and you shall find.