I hate Oortmas- the whole Oortmas season

Every Oortian
Down in Boundless
liked Oortmas a lot. . .

But AlexxChristo,
Who lived In Kindred Bay on Sorissi,
did NOT!

AlexxChristo hated Oortmas! The Whole Oortmas Season!
Now, please do ask why, as I quite know the reason.
It could be the snow just was a little too bright
It could be, perhaps, that the snow is in his view- is a blight.
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that the Snow- is too often to fall.

Whatever the reason,
The Snow or the Snow,
He stood there on Oortmas Eve, hating the Snow
Staring around from his build with a sour, Grinchy frown
At the lovely city coated with snow all over town.
For he knew every Oortian around in Kindred beneath
was busy now- not being so full of beef.

“And they’re just leaving up their build modes!” he snarled with a sneer.
“Tomorrow is Oortmas! It’s practically here!”
Then he growled, with his Oortian fingers nervously drumming,
“I MUST find some way to stop Snow from falling!”


nice boundless story (that actually is how the grinch stole christmas)


Lol… reason #456 why I love you! :joy::joy::christmas_tree::christmas_tree: Merry Oortmas, @AlexxChristo and all the peeps at Kindred Bay! :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


Oops… I retype
Merry Oortmas GrinchyChristo! May Kindred find the warmth it needs this season! And may the glorious building re-commence! :christmas_tree:


:joy: great story! :rofl:


Update: It’s Christmas and my heart has not grown three sizes. I still hate the snow.

Merry Christmas to all! :smiley:


I live in a snowy region and my house is made of ice mostly. I liked it when we got to keep those snowy effects from last Oortmas. But man is it an annoyance when it snows every 2 mins and you have to keep your plot view on. My ceiling is made of glass so it snows outside and inside.

Nice story. I can relate quite a lot since I live in some cold snowed in conditions irl. It bothers me that I have to come from that and log on to the same ■■■■, unable to escape. So sadly haven’t been on much in the last week :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

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Building while it snows is one of my major frustration right now. Being in build mode is not appealing and I can’t see which block I’m looking at otherwise. So I very much hate Oortmas as well

You been watching the Grinch to much maybe

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Don’t make me cancel Oortmas 2020!!


Just add mosquitoes to the game. We’ll all be glad they’re gone when Oortmas rolls around :joy:


Do it no :basketball:s sorry had to. Maybe tapper down the snow next year though

Do it i dare you


I mean- maybe just let up a tad on the near blizzard like conditions. there are times when i’m farming and it’s darn near impossible to see what i’m doing with planting crops while it’s snowing out.

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That’s why you need a dome farm Alex :slight_smile:

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-goes to build dome farm-
-says ‘screw it’ cause it starts snowing-


still hates Oortmas and pulls out clear weather totem


That Fatty Always Eats Ma :cookie:s and leaves Me Vegetables can you believe it Vegetables Grrrrrr Next Year will be the year me get Fatty Touch ma :cookie: again grrrr


So help me if we don’t get a Halloween update but get Oortmas imma lose my happy face