I have rock, you have coin?

I have an untold amount of rock, mostly from excavation from Circarporous, what can we negotiate for the sale of this? I have so much to get rid of!

You should craft stones then stone doors. You’ll probably make more coin that way and get good xp, too!

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Just coming back to the game after a while… is this best way to handle all this excess rock? And by “making more coin” do you mean by shoving all the doors into the coin-o-matic thingymajigger after crafting?

Would it be better overall exp to turn the stone into refined then decorative rock?

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Here’s a quote (and thus a link) from an older thread on this topic which has lots of information and numbers in it.

The coin from making gleam doors was nerfed a good bit after that time, it was actually a problem. All of the other info there is still relevant, and current.

Just to add, making trapdoors uses the refiner, and other than offering the same numbers on coins, is faster with coils.

Topic here is coin ofc, but don’t forget this also earns you XP. Lots of people sell or discard a good portion of the XP they could have.


Thank you!!


This I’d why I hoard everything lol. All my rock goes some where at some point. If it’d not building its into this exact process.


does any of that require spark?

You only need crafting tables to make stone doors, so no spark.

too bad i cant do that with all this gleam I have without spark, I am tempted to use my reclaimed stockpile.

You can refine gleam with no spark. That provides some XP and also increases the minter value of the gleam.

It makes it harder to sell though if you were planning to sell it, and it eliminates some of the things you could craft with it. If you just have a bunch of excess around though, it’s worth enough XP that people buy it in order to do the processing.

well i have a supply of gleam both refined and raw, still working through the plan on what I will do with the rock.