I have some questions about Boundless

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Hello Boundless comunity and dev’s!
Before i buy game i have some questions about Boundless (and sorry for my English!):

1 - can i find PvE in Boundless? If yes - what?
2 - are you dev’s planning wipe? If yes - what be deleting?
3 - why i should buy Boundless?

I still looking for my dream game. I want forget about this sad world. I want play in my dream game thousand of hours. Boundless is it? Or not?

Hi Exxan, and welcome!

A1- Yes, you will be able to find PvE in Boundless, just not right now! I suggest that you wait till the games release at the end of the year if you are looking for PvE. Watch these forums for details on that later!

A2- Yes, there will be wipes before the game goes to 1.0. Everything currently in game will be wiped before the game goes to 1.0.

A3- Buy Boundless if your dream game is a massive multiplayer RPG where YOU create your own adventures!


Right now I would say buy the game if you want to support it and have a greater influence in how it is developed. Of course only if you are interested in the general concept that boundles precents itself to be.


Thanks for all posts, everyone! ^^

2 - Wipes? Meeeeeeeh. :frowning: Noo.
What will be removed? My buildings? My worlds? My progress? Everything?

There hasn’t been any yet, I would assume 1 right before the release date.

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I´d guess that the release wipe will reset everything so everyone has an even start into 1.0.
Something like that is common practice in most MMO early-access games.


They plan on putting in world regen, so any block not in a beacon will be “wiped” when the game goes live.

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but as mentioned by the devs the process to introduce the regeneration will wipe all the worlds cuz there will be new ones then. I think we will have several wipes til release, espeacially in the c++/beta branch … but that’s life (and a must for many development processes). Only buy Boundless when you want to be part of the development. If you want to just play the game and want to keep your stuff the time for you has not come jet.


@Exxan, first off welcome to the community. Secondly, @TheBirne’s advice (which is basically what others have been saying too, so they deserve credit too) is the best advice you’ll get. If you want to play the game in a finished form and keep everything you’ve done, feel free to wait until we’re further in the development. Early-access means things can and WILL change. And that applies to anything and everything (even the name of the project, as we’ve seen in the past).