I joined the wrong server

Hey so I made the unfortunate mistake of choosing Australia as my server region. There is no about and so what I gather is an awesome multiplayer experience isn’t what I’m getting because of this. I was hoping that someone could help me get to a more populated region. I’ve not got much but I’m willing to help out or pay what little coin I have. If not could a developer reset my account, I looked around but didn’t see an option in game so I hope it’s possible if I cant get any help otherwise.

Where are you, I can come get you to a more populated area. And no, australian server is not a mistake, its just that you got dropped on an isolated area. I need your location to get to you. I assume you are on Vena V.

I play on an Australian server and I started a town in Andooweem. The residents here are quite international atm.


I got a bead on you on my compass… coming towards you.


Cheers I’ll just be tearing down my house