I just bought a keyboard that plugs into the ps4 controller (between the handles)

Anyone else use this format? I won’t log in until tomorrow to try it; just wondering if other ps4 users use this for chat. Kind of seems like it will make the controller unwieldy. Hoping it can be plugged in when chatting and unplugged when not

I use a standard wireless keyboard. The transmitter/receiver plugged into the PS4 USB port on the front. Can use for both movements and chat.


I use an USB keyboard for chat in Boundless.

I thought of trying one of these. I really need to set up a kbd lol.

Bluetooth is prob best. I have a mini bt kbd I may try when I find some batteries or remember to buy them lol.

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might go that way as well. want to see if this little keyboard works 1st.

Definitely sick of the ps4 chat: typing one letter a time sucks. Communicating with other players shouldn’t be such a task


It works fine…I am just to lazy to charge it all the time.lol

Yup typing with the controller sucks!! Any key pad is a huge QOL. Will make game play sooo much better for you!

i play pc on my big tv laying in the couch using this
its made for this game
i will never use anything else from now on
i did buy a replacement from other brand and it sucks so can only advice this
def use spacebar to craft our you wear out the mouse buttons
i hope you have small fingers for the one you got
i have bear hands so this is smallest i can go :smiley:
its logitech K400+


I have a logitech K400 that is a all in one wireless keyboard/mouse.
From what i read the ps4 supports that device so i imagine its the same as when i connect it to my xbox.

works wonders in games like warframe that have chat.

Ironcially i use the same keyboard/mouse combo in my laptop with a xbox wireless dongle and then i can use my laptop like a gaming console by hooking up the hdmi out to my tv.

Ooo, i have the non + with out all that yellow on it… man i havent worn it out yet but its gettign close.

im using it for 3 years now and its near dead
that yellow thing top left corner i do not know what it does there but its a second left mouse button probably for when you normal one die’s hahahah
have to say i dont mind it dying it served me well and i will buy it again

thank you everybody for the great tips; gotta go for now, however still appreciate any additional feedback.

thats so you can navigate with the right thumb and then click with the left with out having to take your hand off the touch pad. the updated ones have a power button on them now

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soon when i have the new one i will try adding super glue and baking power to the plastic pin so it be pushing better the membrame see if it can be fixed i had moderate succes by doing the old jam some paper in it trick :joy:
you see the pin under the button is a cross and this cross cuts a cross into the rubber making it fail so i think if i can make it round with glue and bakingsoda it will be fixed
if it worked i let you know for when yours goes bad should be easy fix when sucesfull

I use a chatpad (what you have just bought).

It works fine, except with my big clumsy thumbs!

Takes a bit to get used to the feel too, if your used to wrapping your fingers round the controller.

I think topic was for ps4

That keyboard could probably work for ps4 as well. I use a wireless keyboard with a usb that plugs into the ps4 and works very well for chat. Kind of want to try the one @the-moebius is using for that mouse pad


Yea that’s great idea

I use the same kb on Ps4 and it works very well for me.