I know this has been asked for but chests please

In order to move out of one build into another chests would make that way smoother having something to dump a large chunk of my stuff in instead of a few hundred storage blocks.


I would LOVE to see additional storage solutions- display and otherwise. :star_struck:


I would agree but only if you can also use them for transportation…

a larger inventory is what I’m assuming you’re asking for, and would be a really nice way to be able to let people move their entire build a lot more easily. toss all your blocks in, break it and off you go!


It’s annoying having to make 90% of a base shelves and stuff. Rather be able to put it all in one space.


what about a menu for all linked current storage would that solve the problem
big part off game is inviting friends over and impress them with storage space :nerd_face:

No I’m asking for chest like Minecraft


and i’m saying let us move them with the stuff inside.

And I’m saying we need pack mules


But in all seriousness it would be unfair to put a poll on this people want chests just like people want open storage blocks they both serve a purpose right now we just have one instead of the other which forces us to have tons of storage blocks and shops stands

of course, no reason to remove something that exists already!

So @james seems like the people have spoken we need chests in this game please and thankyou.