Poll: Shelves or Chests?

Quick poll to gauge community opinion about item storage in Boundless.

If you could only have one of the following types of storage in Boundless, which would it be?

  • Open storage SHELVES containing 4 displayed items
  • Closed storage CHESTS containing 16 hidden items

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If both styles of storage were available what do you predict would be your usage ratio:

  • 100% Shelves, 0% Chests - I :heart: Shelves.
  • 75% Shelves, 25% Chests
  • 50% Shelves, 50% Chests
  • 25% Shelves, 75% Chests
  • 0% Shelves, 100% Chests - I :heart: Chests.

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Pros for Shelves:

  • You can visually spot items you are looking for, not have to go through countless chests to find them. (Now that we have signs, one could lable the chests, but what a waste of space and time if you could just spot the item visually).
  • Smart Stacks: Boundless shelves can already hold 36 normal stacks per block. (Minecraft Chests only hold 27 normal stacks per block - why are ppl missing them?)
  • You can show off your hot â– â– â– â–  to visitors!
  • Shelves are diegetic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The problem is the mindset of what has gone before is now ingrained on some people. They don’t like change.


I’m all about the shelves and being able to see items by walking up to them, it’s a great aesthetic effect and i like the ability of accessing multiple blocks at once.

Now with the addition of signs, i can see chests being useful for mass storage and identified with a sign, storage block with specific item/material or both

I’m sure if both storage solutions were brought in, it would work out just fine, with smart stacking, chests can store much much more.


I hated chests throughout whole my MC carrier :frowning: Always need to put signs or thinking of other way of distinguishing them one from another, ugh.
They can be ok addition to shelves to store rock or other plentiful resource, but only as an addition :slight_smile:


I voted for chests because of signs coming. I would be able to label my chests with what I have stored inside. I do love the current storage though and would really love having a combination of both where I can have a chest below a shelf. The shelf will then display what is stored below inside the chest.


Both have different uses and needs. I would hate to see either go away. I just wanted a bit more storage in chests.

I will reference and very ancient programing adage that I just came up with – We all can have our cake and eat it too because we are able to code it so!


I think we should just have both :sunglasses:


Both would be cool, I always want to be able to display items in shelves, but then you can have more dense storage below or something. If we can only have one, however, shelves all the way!


This gave me an interesting idea for a Boundless twist on chests… simply display the top 1-4 items stored in the chest somewhere! As in the chest could be slightly open allowing for some items to show. Alternately chests could act like smart stacks in that the top left most item would be the display/face for the chest… or a special slot to place a custom display item to act as a label.

at any rate i love the shelving system but for mass storage i often use Trade Plinths… which are a bit limited for obvious reasons… but great for storing mass amounts of rock, dirt, tools, ect :wink:


Along those lines: It’d be neat to be able to use an item as an “icon” in a sign (frame). That, coupled with larger (opaque) chests, would be a neat way of storing large quantities of things. On the flip side, placing a plinth on top of a chest would probably cover that same need

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.+ They display items
.+ You can organise items pretty easily
.- They have only 4 slots, but you can always make more :wink:


.+ You can store more items inside
.- Sorting is a pain
.- Despite always having a big storage in minecraft I always had like 15 chests full of random items inside


Shelves FTW!

I need to open a shelf shop!


both would be fine with me but if I had to chose it would be shelve.

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@james: Sorry … but you are asking us NOW for a so minor option in the game? Whare are polls about bigger features and more important features? Show us some of your end-game concepts and let us vote for them. This is too LITTLE and by far too LATE.
Just my opinion …

I think in fairness to @james this was just a quick check poll on something that came up in another thread.

I wouldn’t doubt the are continuing to try to provide quick nice little things to keep people engaged and the game changing. Or maybe they are close to offering other color variations in the game as it is now and they know how that will affect storage needs. So it would be time to ask…

As for the end-game stuff and other things, I do agree it would be nice to see more polls or details on stuff more core to the game than storage. We do need a bit more visibility and input in that farther down the road stuff… sooner than later for the input.


I’ve always sorta disliked the entire dynamic for shelves as storage; in fact, I’d probably go as far to say it’s one of my turn-offs for Boundless (maybe I should’ve posted this in that other thread). The way I organize things, it’s more like “databasing” than it is for appearance. What ever happened to the chests that were being made?

(Props) Chest Opening 3


That chest looks sick af xd

sometimes i do wish I could store stuff without it being visible and if it fits even more things i wouldn’t mind., i wanted to place storage blocks facing up and put a door on top to make it a chest at least to some things make a prop but it cant be done :frowning:

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“Why are people missing them”? (Paraphrased)

Because you can hold up to twenty-seven unique items if you so choose, rather than four types of items stacked massively.