Concept Art: First look at Containers

Oh really? I thought the concept of @jesshyland was additionally.
Okay then! thx

Are you still going to give them a different name for release? I kind of like the word ‘Vault’ for a chest style container or ‘Hutch’ for the new implementation (although it does make me think of rabbits! :laughing:)

These are no longer planned, I think.

Well containers are still planned, but just not in the original format …

I was just enquiring as to whether they would still just be called ‘containers’ or not.

Oh, sorry misunderstood your question.

No worries - it was probably bad phrasing on my part ^^

Containers! CHESTS! A must!

Yea, this is going to get annoying. Its a lost list of heres what you could have had… @Ratchel are you just trying to tease us with ideas that didnt happen (yet)

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You seem to know me so well… the past is coming to the front lines!!!

Holy buckets!!! These are grrreat

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Lol. They would be great. Not sure we’ll ever see them in game.

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<3 these are so amazing ^^ so many awesome things slated for this game ^^ love them all

Not even sure the round containers are possible. #2 seems to represent the cubit containers now

Regular chest would be awesome to have though.

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Yea we definitely need more containers to store all of this exo stuff :exploding_head:

Also sometimes I just do not want to stare at all that tallow!

I would like more storage/advanced storage of some sort. 4 spaces in a storage block is not enough, plus it doesn’t take too many of them to hit the mesh limit.

I know we can use crafting tables, and shop stands, but I think it’d be cool to have bigger storage

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MOOOAAAR necro posts for today!


I think james did make a vote for Chest’s or Shelf at some point where we could vote

  • I would only use shelf
  • I would only use chest
  • Would use both but mostly shelf
  • Would use both but mostly Chest

something like that :smiley:

Oh wow, only 4 years later … I’d forgotten I’d even commented on this thread lol

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