Concept Art: First look at Containers


Yea, this is going to get annoying. Its a lost list of heres what you could have had… @Ratchel are you just trying to tease us with ideas that didnt happen (yet)


You seem to know me so well… the past is coming to the front lines!!!


Holy buckets!!! These are grrreat


Lol. They would be great. Not sure we’ll ever see them in game.


<3 these are so amazing ^^ so many awesome things slated for this game ^^ love them all


Not even sure the round containers are possible. #2 seems to represent the cubit containers now


Regular chest would be awesome to have though.


Yea we definitely need more containers to store all of this exo stuff :exploding_head:


Also sometimes I just do not want to stare at all that tallow!


I would like more storage/advanced storage of some sort. 4 spaces in a storage block is not enough, plus it doesn’t take too many of them to hit the mesh limit.

I know we can use crafting tables, and shop stands, but I think it’d be cool to have bigger storage


MOOOAAAR necro posts for today!


I think james did make a vote for Chest’s or Shelf at some point where we could vote

  • I would only use shelf
  • I would only use chest
  • Would use both but mostly shelf
  • Would use both but mostly Chest

something like that :smiley:


Oh wow, only 4 years later … I’d forgotten I’d even commented on this thread lol