Concept Art: First look at Containers


I get the feeling these are going to be non-craftable and found around the world as ancient lore. Meaning the word “chests” is still reserved for what we would create out or wood or metal.


#5 is for sure my favorite one! nice job! :+1:


Vaults? Vaults would be a nice classification.


Call the small ones caches and the large ones vaults. Or, you could do something with lore and call the large ones “Time Capsules”


Call them Ubiquitous Crates


Would be cool if they could be large spaces like rooms where you could access the items and have them displayed on the shelves around you. Not sure If that’s practical at all… I’m just pitching ideas here.


3 would make a nice shell for a pack animal :slight_smile:


I’m in love with #2 and #1. The rest feel more industrial than magical to me.
(#6 looks like a bomb shelter :x)


These are all so cool, and play on some of my favorite design functions. The mild mystical feel as a puzzle slides and rotates apart to reveal inner space. Concepts 2&5 are by far my favorite, for the bigger on the inside puzzle vibe. However they are all cool concepts!


I like #6 very much, especially if it emits a burp noise when it is opened.


Can a developer say when it is planned to make the concept art to a ingame feature ? ^^

Its now nearly 1 year ago and nothing is happen with this concept art.


Vote for 5 and 6 xD I bet I influence the result a lot now! :smiley:


We changed our direction on containers, there was an update here: Art: Plinth and Container Props


Oh really? I thought the concept of @jesshyland was additionally.
Okay then! thx


Are you still going to give them a different name for release? I kind of like the word ‘Vault’ for a chest style container or ‘Hutch’ for the new implementation (although it does make me think of rabbits! :laughing:)


These are no longer planned, I think.


Well containers are still planned, but just not in the original format …

I was just enquiring as to whether they would still just be called ‘containers’ or not.


Oh, sorry misunderstood your question.


No worries - it was probably bad phrasing on my part ^^


Containers! CHESTS! A must!