Poll: Shelves or Chests?

Ugh. I love you. I’m not the only one who thinks this way?

Honestly, I’d prefer chests over shelves any day (if we had to choose) if the chests hold more than the shelves currently do. I don’t care about showing off items. I care about efficiency and taking up less space. Now with signs, it’ll be easy to organize chests. I’m all for having both in the game, though. I don’t see why both wouldn’t work.


true, but you can make a fridge/cupboard at least ;p

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Indeed you can! :smiley:


If chests are implemented I will probably put all rocks, stones, dirt, etc. there because I have a lot of those things and they aren’t that exciting to show off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, on the subject of inventory/storage management. While I like that shift-clicking an item/stack will place it in an open slot, I would love to see a similar implementation as in minecraft (maybe shift-ctrl-click?). Where it attempts to sort the stuff into existing stacks before moving it into an open slot. This idea would probably only work well if you could add a whitelist filters to the storage blocks telling exactly which items are allowed. That way you could have a chest dedicated to metamorphic rock/stone, then just modifier-click on all rock- and stone-smartstacks to sort them in.


As time goes by, chests would become more useful imo. Since as the number of worlds increases so would colours of rock, leaves, wood etc. For that, chests would be ideal.

But I still love shelves!


Collect all the things! yes yes …

I see a massive builders museum incoming in 1.0


Now while all that storage might not be OP there is certainly one box among that huge group that is VERY DARN OP!


It could melt your face off!


I’m fine with both, but prefer chests over shelves.

I don’t like people going through my stuff. I agree with the whole, ‘database’ shelving. While the visual is good, I’m usually pretty f’ing organized when it comes to chests – basic blocks in one chest, advanced in another, tools, misc.


Shelf for commonly used things
Chest for large amount things

Put a shelf on Chest to told “here is storage XX!”


You can get the best from both worlds
Check out the crystal chest in the IronChests mod for minecraft

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No chests! Shelves are an intrinsic part of what makes Boundless unique. Every other voxel game and its dog and even it’s neighbor’s dog uses ugly, gaudy chests. Shelves offer a unique system of storage that introduces storage constraints. They are a perfect fit for the feel of Boundless.


Not sure how to vote here. I LOVE the open look and being able to display items. What I hate is that there is only 4 slots. I would be happier with shelves that held more items somehow.
But I admit I have recently gave up all the shelves and switched to worktables with signs on them because of the stupid amount of space shelves take up per how much they hold.

I say give us both, so we can decorate the shelves and hide the mass amount of working mats in containers.


I would actually just really like an “organize inventory” option as well as a “deposit all” button to stack the things already in the storage.


Request baskets and selling station are good storage containers

theres atrick
organize it all and then make sure every container is filled up with 99 items our less

then when you unload
go into stacks and start shift unloading it one by one
it should go to the designated stacks
itsa bit clumsy and need fixing

also for big messes colect lets say all the stones
then also unload from inventory in empty containers with shift every stack
it will make 99 numbers and then stack those
its only way i know to get it seperated the fastest

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From my experience with minecraft and mods, most people switch to the visual chests when available for the ability to see the stuff. It rendered chest’s useless other than the crystal because you could see inside the chest. If the chest was open and you can see in it, that be cool.

Wow this post is almost split 50/50

I thought i’d be saying chests as i’d use them more if storage blocks were not a thing. However storage blocks have won me over from the visual display of the items. So if I was picking between shelves and chests i’d probably use more shelves but it’d be close. I picked 50/50.

I will be using storage blocks much more than both, but chests when I wanted a private set of items to not be on display.

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I think the new worlds during the hunt have completely proved that we need more storage options. 4 cube blocks will just not cover it with all the colors that will be available. We need some type of mine craft chest like we talked with… Otherwise people will be spending sooooooooo and sooooooo many plots of just trying to create an area to hold the items they want for building. So please get these in game Devs… more storage…

I don’t want to lose storage shelves either… we should have all just more ability for items to be stored…

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I want both. Both have pros and contras so only having one will not sattisfy all needs :wink: