Poll: Shelves or Chests?

Shelves are great for those of us who are more comfortable visually identifying items, however I find that for the large amount of things needed to sufficiently produce higher end items cheapest via bulk we really need way more storage in a compact space. The 2x2 is too small.

It doesn’t matter if the contents is not viewable, we can make/buy signs to label.

If chests are introduced can devs please make them (and inventory) sortable?!


I would love to have shelves to show more expensive things off, and then some larger storage options for rocks, and soils and trunks


I feel like both deserve a place. On one hand it does give mass storage to otherwise crowded spaces filled with countless stacks of various (highly abundant) materials. For builders in particular this would be a godsend since we have this bad habit of hoarding every rock we come across on the off chance it’ll work in a future build.

Shelves make an excellent showcase/babies-first-storage-unit. So I think that it would definately pay to give more advanced players or even moderately advanced players the option of building chests while still maintaining shelves as the early alternative. I personally would likely use more shelves than chests, however more items would be stored via chests.

For those worrying about how to go about sorting and trying to remember what is in where. KKeep in mind that shelves would still exist. I recommend using them as a marker for what is stored where and when the shelf is out you can pull more out of the chest to replace it. Or use a sign, for me personally its not all that much effort but for some its too much.

Personally I like my structure to look good aesthetically but still maintain function. A hall of randomly assorted junk on the walls to me is an eyesore. I don’t like eyesores but am willing to put up with them in the hopes of one day being able to fix said eyesore. That being said I don’t expect to be right, just to voice my opinion on a long debated subject.


Im still partial to shelfs. Only because i like to see at a glance what i have. But maybe they could implament both. Who knows. Just think shelves make more sence. But i do have to agree that chests offer more storage… but on the defence of shelves… it offers more creativity for builders to create storage.

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I have a suggestion . Why don’t you make a mix of both? for example it is a box that has a shelf . when you open it’s inventory it has a part that is hidden and has a “Showcase” part. You can store stuff in it and u can decide which ones are visible. I hope I was able to describe what is in my mind.
In other words : It is the same as a chest with big inventory that you can choose 4 items to be visible. This way they both hold lots of items and u can also see 4 items to know what this chest contains.


Hi guys!
I would like both in the game.
sorry for my bad english,but i’m italian :slight_smile:


Give me both and give me more as pedestal for trophies, barrels for liquids. And I will make a decision on what is best for me.
If you really only think of one possibility Shelves or Chests so re-read what is a sandbox here -

Actually, anyone who does not know English has bad English. So it’s okay that your Italian :grinning:

Your English is better than my Italian, @Firion. :grin:


Hahaha :smiley: thank you!!

This post aged well. :slight_smile: Took a few years, but closed storage is here, and I couldn’t be happier.

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As someone who’s suffering both Autism and ADD, that single visual indicator helps greatly; Which is why I was hoping chests could have a toggle for similar; A single visual of what the chest contains the most of. Would require far less data since it’s a flat 2D texture, instead of the 3D model.

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Lol you got me too with the necro


Lol I just voted. Haha thinking this was new


I literally changed my vote like 9 times :laughing: i just dont know. I love being able to see my stuff… But being able to pack more into each one would be amazing… I want both.

dies from indecision

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:rofl: :rofl: I just voted too thinking it was a new thread and then saw Oct 17 :joy:


Closed as now irrelevant due to the impending Closed Storage update…