Storage Ideas

So when first starting out, it is pretty hard to make the first available storage containers.

I think it would be better to have more types of storage depending on how far the person is in the game and level. As the tier of storage increases, the containers holds more and becomes better looking.

1st Tier: Ugly looking wood chests that hold 4 items.
2nd Tier: The storage case in game now, but holds 6 each.
3rd Tier: Chests and cases made from any refined block. Holds 10 each.

In addition, there would be shelves from Decoration crafting. The player uses these to store and display stuff. Maybe a weapon rack for tools could also be included.


Sounds good :slight_smile: Would add that rpg feel

have you seen this


Yes, I did see that poll and voted, however I am really hoping that both will exist in the game. :slight_smile:

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