I know who the ort were!


I just came across this screenshot and came to the sudden realization … I know who the ort were!
the ort had four fingers and a thumb. this ancient ruin shows this quite clearly.
now take a look at this pic.
count the fingers. we only have three fingers and a thumb.
it is now clear to me that humans were the ort. they in there greed and foolishness destroyed themselves.
let us learn from there mistakes and and build massive protectors so this never happens to us. we shall call them titans. we should give them free will and trust that they will protect us forever more.
can you feel it? a new era is about to begin!



Rock Biters!


Good god. First @Creegle posting about flight of the navigator, now you over here posting about the never ending story. Next thing I know someone’s going to throw in Labyrinth or the Dark Crystal.


I was going to post a pic of the stone giant from hellboy but then I remembered the rock biters.

As soon as I saw the hand, this is the pic I really wanted to post:

These are answers I didn’t need.

I’ll just show myself out now.




there making a dark crystal series!!!
I’m kind of geeking out about it. :nerd_face:


Haha, nice, references to The Neverending Story and Labyrinth both in here, two of my favorites. :slight_smile: (I even have an Auryn necklace, lol, I’m such a geek)


Ditto! Even the slightest reference has Don’t You (Forget About Me) playing in my head for hours. One of the few songs I never get tired of. :blush: