I love playing Boundless!

I just want to give a shout out to the devs and the community! I absolutely love playing this game and have been addicted sense beta. I have been really into mining, forging, selling and right now I can’t stop building. However, my favorite thing about this game is it’s great to play casually with my friends. As a teacher and a father of four, I love getting some time here and there to chat with my friends and do whatever sounds fun!

Thank you devs for all the time you put into this game! I always look forward to playing it.


Im a father of four too.

This game is good for us… i can cut some trees after hard diaper changing work… hehe :rofl:


Father of four here too. Not children however - chinchillas. I don’t need to change their diapers, but I do have to stop them eating my skirting boards.

Boundless is relaxing, and it has the best community. I don’t think the game would be as welcoming if it were a goliath like Minecraft. We’re a small, but close family.


Glad to see happy posts like this. Its alot of fun


Mom of cats here! :joy: They do make it a little hard to play at times, sitting in front of the screen, sitting on my arm, sticking butts in my face when I’m trying to play, haha…

And I feel the same - can’t say enough how much I love this game and community, how many smiles it has given me, and also some real friendships. :slight_smile: It really does feel like a family here, it is my best escape from the troubles and stress of real life, a sanctuary to flee into and grab some fun and happiness. :smiley:


No kids here…yet…but I love coming home from a day of work, logging in, seeing what I’ve made, and using it to help the community insmall ways. This game is awesome, and the community only reinforces that. I’ve never been in a game where the community was so nice and helpful. I’ll play this game until it dies, for sure!