I need 1 ornate Chests of all 255 colors

Cause I am lazy how much for 10 pieces of all 255 colors of gleam and organized 1-255


I know that gleam universe has most colors…

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gleam univserse doesnt have all the colors in stock, also the prices vary by type

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Cookie, let me know if you’re missing any and I’ll look thru my reclaim for you :slight_smile:

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Ok I got all the gleam now I need 1 of all 255 gleam ornate chests please anyone

You want them made for you? I’ve made them before–let me know

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Yes Me want them made for me please how much for the full set sol-chan @Solgato

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Are you proving all the materials or just the gleam? You know where I live and work; I’ll start putting the other ingredients into the machines and that should help me figure out the cost. If I am away from DKMall Schrodingers I’m still close enough to zip back over quickly (I night go get more spicybeans while it’s a spicybean gatherer’s happyday).

Just saw you & made a deal; let me know if my math made any sense!

I don’t know math boop 200k sounds fine to me Boop did you need gleam I’m lost

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Ok I need 12 of all 255 colors of gleam to give to solgoto to make gleam chests anyone got gleam for sale

I’ll get started on chests in the colors I have in the meantime; could you paste a list of the colors her and I can add check marks to the list for boxes I’ve got done & colors I have