I need item prices

not saying i’d buy it at a high price :wink:
I just consider it expensive because I need to use a fancy hammer to get it. anything else that I can get with 1-2 hits with unforged iron I wouldn’t consider expensive.
either way… I very rarely buy anything other than tools and coils.

Ahh yea I don’t use iron tools. Only gem tools. Forged and unforged.

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This is why price will always vary on items and there is a market for almost everything - even items that some consider useless.
A. It is worth more to some than others, depending upon their ability or time to obtain/make the items.
B. Everyone has to start somewhere & not everyone has max skills/lvl/etc. People are are varying stages of the game.

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Tho it’s not that I’m rich. I gather all the mats myself and make my gem tools. I won’t buy them because they are over priced. Most of the time it’s actually cheaper to buy the mats to make 10 hammers etc than it is to actually buy them lol

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Mining those 360 gems takes ages though, I’ve only done it for diamonds, all the other ones are way too rare to get 360 within reasonable time. Or maybe I’m just bad at picking a location.

Galan for topaz
Houchus I for sapphire

Most abundant gems in game atm