I need item prices

I am making a shop but have a lot of stuff for sail that I don’t know the prices for. Im selling Toxin shards, Shock shards, Blast shards, Corrosion shards, Burn shards, Chill shards, Tallow, Milk gland, Hide, Viscous blood, Volatile blood, Fresh blood, and Wildstock eyes. If anyone could tell me about how much these could sell for that would be great. =)

Shards about 10c average

Boby parts 3c

Or whatever you want to charge

Price dropped since they are all common materials since the start of the t6 hunts.

Glands and eyes are worth a good bit, and it varies.

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You’re best bet is probably to do a bit of leg work especially at the bigger shopping areas and take a note of the highest and especially lowest prices you can find so you can see what others are charging, keep in mind that the higher prices are probably from shops that aren’t very active and haven’t updated there prices for a long time.

Yea glands and eyes are around 25 I think can anybody check on this

Some eyes and glads are selling for a good bit more than that. They are needed to make the new decor and in the forge.

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Supply and demand at its finest


How much do you think I could sell cool blue gleam for. Would 9c each work?

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Ha! Cool blue is the most common.
I wouldn’t buy it for any more than 1c. But thats me.

Yes, you can sell it for 9c. I usually see gleam for 10-25c. All colors. The more rare colors can bring a few c more

All gleam colors are needed to make gleam doors, columns, etc.

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I’ve sold Cool Blue Gleam for 10c

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Ah there ya go. Don’t listen to me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

prices can vary on shop location, demands in that area and what a player is willing to pay.
What I did when I set up my shop was go with paper and pen and visited every shop I could find, not just the G. Mall, but the Ney Leyden Market, shops on several planets to see who was charging what price.
I go with the lowest price and try to match it. If I have to buy some of the ingridents, then I may ask a few coins more, such as anything that requires the green yams and purple berries, but for the most part I match the lowest.

I’m with you on that. Same with white gleam.

The way I work out my all prices, is to work out how much it costs me to farm the particular item then decide how much profit I want to make.

So one gathering run costs me 1 tool + 1 persisting pie + 3 speed potions, then divide that by the number of resources I have gathered. I then decide how much profit I want to make on each item, and then sell for that.

I may be able to adjust up or down depending on how well an item sells.

It’s useful to know what others are selling for but far more important to know your costs.

White?? Thats from a tier 6! That stuff I consider expensive

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The white sells out quick.

My advice… if you are not in a hurry.

take a run to some isolated stores…then to the mall… write down some prices…

In the end…set your prices to whatever you want… IF it sells over timethen you are rocking!!! If it sells lightning fast then raise the price! If it does not sell then lower the price!!!

Problem is prices fluctuate… if you are in a big mall then you need to keep on top of that. If you are an isolated store not quite as much.

This is all assuming you are not in a hurry…if you are in a hurry then youll want to undersell everyone lol but you chance losing all of your stock at once…

KEEP your buying bins stocked with coins… people love to sell things and then use their new coins to buy and if they sell to you they will likely drop some coins buying from you.

NOT an expert… just my 1/2 pennies worth of advice of how I try to do it.

Why? There’s so many farms for it and it’s just as abundant as cool blue.

Honestly the only ones I think should be priced high are the ones like weary violet(Maryx) there’s only 2 at a time. And with all the farms there’s no risk of death.