I need new grapples

I need two of these:

So far I’ve had three sets and each has come from a different forger, by the time I need new ones the forger is gone. Well TBF MrNix is still around but he’s not really active. I figured I’d ask around before I try to drag him back to the forge :grin:

Anyways I’m offering 50k per grapple. 100k for the set.

Max Range.
Max Projectile Speed.
Max Durability.
No Defects/Quirks.

hmm, I have max range, max pro speed and max reel in/out, if that’s any good?

Funny because I am actually about to attempt to make exactly that lol

Sounds like a nice set of grapples but considering the price I’m looking for the very specific set of boons. Durability is a must.

I bought some lower level ones for one of my alts the other day, if you want to make a deal on those I might buy them. With half the durability, how much would you ask?

Let me know when you’ve done them, instant sale.

It’s my first attempt so I’m not sure it will come to fruition lol I have the ingredients I need just need to get the formula down but will let you know :grin:

Best of luck Zeuz! Nightstar, I can let them go for 40k. They’re just cluttering up the place anywho. :slight_smile:

Will PM. (tenchars)

I’ve tried twice, the second time i went over 200 rounds before i lost vigour. I don’t honestly spend that time at the forge again, so I’m rooting for you!


I only had time for one, this took forever lol and I have to work tonight

Looks good though!

I work the next two nights so I won’t be able to forge for a little while I work 12hr shifts so I don’t get on after I get off work

Why would you use those? Too much money in your pockets?

LOL seriously? Says the guy who paid me 5k per rough umbris to make early coils? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I love these grapples. They’re my ‘daily drivers’ on Nightstar. And I don’t normally buy a lot of stuff so I don’t mind supporting the people who do this kind of forging.

I bought @SilverSunn’s set for 80k. This will be the first time I got a pair with projectile speed and reel speed, they should be a blast on Cuttletrunk. Though it’s not something I’d buy all the time.

I’ll still buy @Zeuz’s when he has time to finish them too. But with the max durability they last Nightstar a LONG time. Forged out like this I have no reason to even bother with grapple and run most weeks, so that saves me a bit of coin as well. Like, more than the grapples cost :smiley:

Actually while I was typing this up I decided to check … the grapples in that pic were delivered by MrNix on August 13th, so almost 11 weeks ago. In the end, the money I’ve saved not wanting to fund the guild buff has been a lot more than what these grapples are costing.

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@Cactopod was selling some not too long ago…
also, you forgot hookshot : (

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ewwwwww no