I need orange and bright tan rock or stone (any type)

If you have those colors please let me know below or with PM.
cheers, Choc

I have Strong Orange sedi, Stark Orange Iggy, and I think Ashen Red Meta, which just feels very powdery pink rather than like Luminous Red… I’ll likely switch up the rocks on my next color change somewhere in the strong/deep/hot/shadow/night orange scheme of things, to go with vivid mustard and all sorts of red/orange other materials.

Portal is at te Delta Cancret stop of Tigg’s Tunnels, there’s a portal to the Circ stop of Tigg’s Tunnels near the Balam Gardens portal in the underground ring, go into the glass box to take the portal in there to Delta Cancret and the local portal to planet BASH will be outside the glass box you emerge from on Delta Cancret.

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Check out planet Pizza, I think the local portal to it is in the PS Minorengele hub, it’s exactly what you desribe