I need the help of a hunt platform designer

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So my T4 hunt world is up and after a day of building, I’ve realized I haven’t a clue how to “trigger” some meteors :thinking:

Would anyone who’s had luck designing some working platforms mind giving me the low down on how, where, why etc?

I’d be willing to purchase a few platforms to be built if that’s something someone would be interested in :+1:

Mainly this is for my kiddos to be able to hunt together on, so I dont need the most extravagant build or anything lol

Much appreciated for any advice!

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are you online now? i can meet you and give you a quick guide on the ground

I had 2 hunting worlds with set of triggering locations built, so I can share some experience.


I should be online soon.
Gotta finish up irl first a few.
If alls good I’ll shoot ya a message when I hop on and we’ll work it out then :grin:

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that works for me - cya later :grinning:

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As far as I know, a meteor is triggered when you enter the center of a region. You’ll know that by either a pop up message on your screen saying you found a new region, or there direction words in front the region name disappeared (ie. North of Horti Stammelbi --> Horti Stammelbi).

Therefore, most platform are built at the border of regions and has a locked door to prevent people entering the center region. When hunters run through the door, the meteor is triggered and the group size is taken into account during this process.

For a classic running hunt (non platform hunt), I think the group size is calculated when hunters are approaching the region center.

So the pro of classic hunt is that the meteor is launched once the group enter the center region, while the group need to wait a bit for the server to trigger the meteor for platform hunt. The pro of platform hunt, although the group need to wait longer, is more relaxing and easy to keep up.


@boundmore Ran me through the basics! Which was much appreciated :grin:

As it this info @KArios :+1:
I’ve written down notes to make sure I get em right as I build em. I hadn’t thought about the wait time so thanks for mentioning that!

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