I remember

I remember the time when I started playing minecraft.
I remember when I found what was going to be my favourite minecraft server.
I remember when I joined a little town. It was so exiting. I got so many friends, many of them I still talk to. It was so fun shaping the town with other players.
I remember the countless hours I spent in this game. It was such a good time.
The ability to make your own identity is what I loved about it.

I remember the first MMORPG game I played.
I remember I ditched school to play maplestory.
I remember the fun events I always were so exited about.
Creating my own character and making it stronger and stronger, developing new abilities was what I loved about it.

I remember when I created my own community in minecraft.
Suddenly I were the owner of something big. Or atleast something I thought was big…
I sat up all night working on the server. I remember when I sat up all night building the spawn with some really good friends.
The creativity, the ability to make something of your own is what I loved about it.

I remember when I found the game called Cube World. It was minecraft mixed with RPG and I were so exited.
I remember the nigth I waited for the game to release so I could buy it imidiatly. It was so exiting when I first got my hands on it. I spent countless hours in this game aswell, and got new friends.
The ability to form a character the way you want, in a voxel universe is what I loved about it.

I remember when I found a game called Oort Online on twitter.
I saw the blocky style, and I always need to check out a game when I see it is voxel based.
I checked the website and saw a little trailer. I didn’t really pay attention to what the man said, I just looked at the beautiful voxels. I started reading on the website, it was a journey itself. When I saw what was planned for this game, that’s when I knew how big this could become. I was filled with exitment. I missed that feeling. I did have a lot of money at the time, so I bought the game pretty quickly. I just had to get in to the pre-alpha. I joined the game for the first time. The first thing I had to do was to see ruikios light tower. I climbed up the (terrible) stairs. I got to the top, and what a view! I could see the whole fooks! At that time the only thing the game had was it’s community and it’s potential.
I’ve never met so many friendly people because of a game before. I swear, it’s the best community ever.
The ability to make your own identity, the ability to make your own character and progress it, the creativity, to make something of your own, to be a part of an awesome community. That is what I love about Oort Online.
It has the whole package. Well, atleast at 1.0.

I miss the feeling I had when playing minecraft, maplestory, cube world. I want it back.
I hope and think that Oort Online can cover that need.
The dev’s seem to be putting their soul into this game, wich I really appreciate.
I can barely wait for version 1.0.

I just want to tell how much I appreciate all of you!

… this is me when i’m tired…


I feel you when it comes to wanting the feeling of games back. I feel like a fricken junkie because I’ve used up so many games to the point where I have no interest in playing them anymore. I think half of it was the innocence of youth though… Nothing could ever beat the original red version of pokemon when I first played that, or the countless DS games I played. Terrible flash games. Until Minecraft, then a series of shitty games because I didn’t know any better. Then Tf2, followed by Portal, Half-life and then more tf2. Over 1000 hours of tf2. god. Various other single player games that I beat and never felt like replaying. Finally now I’m stuck with CS:GO and oort. I think that feeling of playing those old games is something we’re never gonna reach. We’re chasing a dragon that we already caught. The games are made by our naiveness. Our lack of knowledge of the world. We’ll never have that back because everyone is growing up, and everyone is changing. I think so differently from how I would have back in the day. A bunch of Nostalgia is all we can get anymore.


Yeah, I know exactly how you guys feel. For me it was the endless sleepless nights of war2bne and Asheron’s Call. Hell, even all those nights I spent back in the day on Napster just bs’n in chat rooms. The feeling of complete immersion in the media I was involved in was so addicting. I too have come to the conclusion that those feelings are gone, and will never be replaced. No amount of realm first, game first, kick starter, hardcore achievements can ever replace those first simple achievements in the first games I’ve played. They just seemed to be worth so much more.

Even though I too go through way more video games then I care to admit, I still find enjoyment, even if it’s not the same feeling. And think, somewhere is a young kid who is going to play this game and get those exact feelings that we had that we remember so fondly. Hopefully that kid will have a community that helps make his experience worthwhile and memorable.



I think Oort is right the same for all old MC fanatics what pillars of eternity is to me as an old RPG fan: An old concept reborn as a whole new innovative experience!

I never was a real fan on MC or all the other voxel games, because they all had their flaws (MC was to flat in depth and had a bad patch habit, blockstory has a bad team of programmers, creativerse is nice but not more, …). But Oort is right what all my dreams for a crafting game where begging for… Don’t get me wrong: The other game all had their time and innovations, but Oort has something special - an intelligent approach to overwhelm the limits of its predecessors … And I’m hyped since I began to play it before half a year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: