I should be a pioneer level player

Hello! i was one of the first players to purchase the pioneer tier. I noticed that my friend is still at that level with badges and have noticed that it doesn’t seem i have it. How do i activate it if i do have it or can i get it applied to my account? thanks!

Also for some reason it is saying that i just joined now, however i joined in 2014 with the release of the first trailor

just making sure you don’t get annoyed at people looking, but not replying, this will take a dev answer, cuz we don’t know. or maybe @Havok40k might know, but most of us do no know how to assist

Thank you no problem, i just havent been on in years and don’t know where to post it

I used to be active on the old forums, however these look like new updated forums and i havent checked in on the game in years.

Also not trying to be rude, but flooding the forums with the same thing in a short period of time, with different topics it’s not alright.

I’m pretty sure when a devs sees this, they will try and solve it.

Cool thanks, im not posting any more, im just letting it ride and see whats up. Thanks!

I can only assume you are using a different account to the one you are using on Steam. For the badge to appear you need to use the same account that you use on Steam to play Boundless.

I’m really impressed! What it has become since i first signed up is honestly amazing. Good work!

However i did purchase one of the pioneer packs and am wondering why i no longer have the badge.

hmm, no “pioneer” title to be chosen in the settings? (click on your profile pic at top right corner, then on the gear and there on the preferences page the third option)

It should be the same account, i know that this account says its new and everything but its the same login info ive had since the beginning. Thanks

Do you mind sharing your username in game?

Honestly it should be Quilksilver1, however i need to log in again

Im downloading it now, and i dont know if this helps but its a screenshot of when i downloaded it, notice under the acquired and when the game was purchased it says added 11/23/14 and i have the same username. also i have 1 friend who plays it and that is 0everyone0, we got it at the same time and both became pioneers, and he is on the list of people

Okay i got logged in. here it is, its the same steam account


Thank you so much!!!